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Mini-Review: Lost in Austen

Recently I was lucky enough to find the TV-series "Lost in Austen" on DVD (for cheap, even!) in a local store, and I just had to re-watch it! 
This TV-series is a personal favorite of mine, and I recommend it to anyone who appreciates period elegance, "Pride and Prejudice" and a little bit of escapism.

"Lost in Austen" is about Amanda Price, who get's to run away from her sad life in modern day London to the world of her favorite book, "Pride and Prejudice". Here she encounters the characters that she loves so much, and she turns the story completely upside down. Much to her own desperation as she tries to keep things from getting too out of line.

"Lost in Austen" might at first glance sound like a teenage girl's fanfiction adapted for the tv-screen, but hear me out! This TV-series actually succeeds in staying mostly true to Jane Austen's characters!  Mostly, because they have planted some small surprises along the road. 
Not because they need to, to force the plot along. It only serves to make the characters more human and 3 dimensional. Nothing is black and white in "Lost in Austen"- A gold star in my book.
What I also find to be an interesting concept, is how it gives us a glimpse into what could realistically have happened to these characters, if things had gone slightly differently in the original story.

I like how they have done what they can to make the characters react in a likely way to the modern girl's strange habits and looks. They could have done more, though, and that is the only critique I really have for the series. They let Amanda go about regency-period England without a bonnet, for instance. And as far as I'm concerned, Amanda even does a thing or two that could get her arrested, but then again, that wouldn't make for a really good story, would it?
Apart from this, they have put in plenty of little interesting details that are period accurate and adds to the atmosphere. 

The series is fun, with plenty of clever jokes, likable characters and is good for a lazy afternoon. 
There are only 4 (reasonably long) episodes to enjoy. 
I wish they'd make a season 2, but then again, it could take it too far. It stands alone elegantly as is, as a bit of lighthearted fun.

So, if you have read Pride and Prejudice or watched the films, and even if you haven't, I say dive in!
You can watch the trailer here. 

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  1. I am so going to watch this!!! I just managed to thrift find a 1980s Victorian drama series that I'm looking forward to watch... And Julie!!! If you know a little Swedish, I must recommend "Fröken Frimans Krig"... http://www.svtplay.se/video/1680195/del-1-av-3


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