lørdag den 11. januar 2014

52 Weeks: Trends I Thought I'd Never Get Into

Oops, I missed a week! Oh well.. I've been studying a lot. I guess I'm excused, a little bit. 
(And yesterday I spent like 12 hours sewing non-stop! I'm gonna show you guys when I'm finished with my first Lolita-related project!)

Time to get back in the routine! This week's blog challenge topic is about the trends that I've been shaking my head or rolling my eyes at in the past, but I'm now lovin'! 

One of the prints I'm currently coveting.
Cute Prints
Back when I first got into Lolita, I was attracted to a Mary Magdalene-ish classic style, cute bowler hats and the like. I was a classy lady! But as time has passed, I've slowly been sucked into Cotton Candy Land, and a few of the prints at the top of my wishlist could give you cavities now.

The bigger the better!
Headeating Bows
At first I thought they were outlandish and childish, but as you get used to them, they grow on you. Also in a literal sense. The longer I stay in the fashion, the bows I prefer seem to grow in size as well!
(And here I am, joking about men's "strange fascination with size"...)

"Dolly" Gyaru Make-up
I would never claim that it looks "natural". And that's not the point! To me, it gives off a "mahou shoujo" sort of feeling. I've fallen head over heels in love with the false lashes on the lower lashline, the shiny-ness, pink cheeks and the huge circle lenses. Over-the-top makeup to complete an over-the-top outfit!
I need to practice some more and invest in some good quality falsies! 

Do you find that your tastes have changed since you got into Lolita? In what way? I love to hear stories of how other people grow in Lolita fashion!

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  1. Thats a really interesting post :) And I kinda feel the same way as you about cute prints. In the beginning I thought that I will never ever wear sweet dresses with cutesy prints and look where I am now xD The sweeter the better. Also I never dreamed about weraing RHS but now they are the most comfy shoes I own *_* It is funny how our taste changes through time~


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