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Once in a while, I come across a cute Lolita shop, and I tend to just bookmark them in my browser to check back on it later. That means that, of course, my bookmarks are slowly overflowing with a clutter of links!

Instead, I'm gonna be updating this list with Lolita shops and shops that sell cute and elegant items!
Remember, though, that those are just shops that I've come across, which means that I myself might not have purchased from there (yet)! At the bottom I'll put a couple of useful links, like shopping services and guides.

I hope you'll find this list useful! It will be updated as I get through my giant pile of saved links

Taobao Lolita Stores:
Chess Story
Dear Celine
Little Dipper

Fairy Across the Wildness
Rococo Soul
Magic Cats Street
Pumpkin Cat
Lethe's Castle

Spica Planetarium


We're All Mad Here (Sweet/Bitter Sweet/Creepy)
Sweet Mildred (Sweet/Classic)
Atelier Dormir (Underskirts, undergarments and lounge wear!)
I Do Declare (Classic)
Pop Princess (Sweet/Classic)
Elegy Clothing (Gothic)
Hanako (Classic)
Haenuli (Classic/Sweet)

Summer Tales (All)
Lief (All)

Ergi (Sweet/Classic)
Bunny House (All)

Rosa Bianca (Classic)
Piriya (Classic)

Marchen die Prinzessin
Ribbons (Sweet/Classic)
Victorian Angel (Sweet/Classic)
Mossbadger (Classic)

A Closet of Alice (Sweet/Classic)
Morrigan New York (Classic/Gothic)
Lost Candy (Classic)
Peacockalorum (All)
Hypnotic Sweet Treats (Sweet)
Long Ears and Sharp Ears' Studio (Classic/Sweet)
Cruel Arcadia (Sweet/Classic/Gothic)
MagicCat Street (Sweet)

Cute Fashion:

Stars Rainbow

Pinkly Ever After

Ribbon Cake

Cute Accessories:

Cute Candy Clouds
Kawaii Goods
Little Mizz Kitty
Dolly House
Le Petit Trianon
Moon Bunny
Sheena's Bella Bows (Also a lot of gothic/victorian hats!)

Cute Parade
Unicorns Shop
Sugared Tea
Aobabell Creations

Gothic, Classic and Victorian Accessories:

Jekyll Hyde Jewellery
Eine Lilie (Cool stockings!)
Gloomy Swirl
Fantastic Gift
Petite Royal

Fae Silvarum

Scarlet's Rosarium
Corgi Corgi (Beautiful hats and fascinators!)

Taobao Shopping Services:



Brand Resellers:
Fairytale Boutique

Lolita Butiken

A useful guide for shopping on japanese auction sites -> Click here

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