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52 Weeks: The Ways in Which I Fit the Cliché

This week's topic of the weekly Lolita blog challenge has been decided by destiny (aka. Random.org) and is numbler 42! I'm gonna talk about the ways in which I fit the both dreaded and loved Lolita cliché!

Despite Lolita being sort of an "umbrella-term" that covers so many different substyles and aesthetics, some of which are almost polar opposites, there is a general cliché as to what the ideal "Lifestyle Lolita" likes and should be. This sweet, polite maiden of class, who enjoys a good tea party, survives on nothing but cake and oxygen, and does nothing if there's the risk of getting her wig in a tangle.
Too good to be true, of course! But is there a chance that I share some common traits with this goddess of Lolita-dom? 

Guilty as charged- Tea parties are gold!
Tea parties are my favorite type of meet-up. Even better, if they're at somebody's house, and everybody bring homemade cakes and fingerfoods! Tea parties are the perfect way to catch up, gossip or get to know each other. The atmosphere is a lot more intimate than going to the movies or to the museum. Also, you don't have to worry about money or being able to reserve a table! 
There are really no cons, I think. Especially if everybody helps with the clean-up afterwards.

I love baking- Especially macarons!
Lolita fashion is crazy about macarons. You could probably spot the little french pastry in more prints than you could fluffy kittens, and even in prints where they make no sense. While I might not be as skilled a pastry maker as little miss Lifestyle Lolita, I love baking! I use almost any excuse I can get to whip out some type of cake, and the more creative I can get with the recipe, the better. When I choose to stick to the recipe, however, I love making macarons. Also because they're quite challenging to get right!

Bram Stoker, Jane Austen, Edgar Allan Poe.. I love my oldies!
I enjoy the classics, like a real lady (haha!). "Dracula" is a beautiful piece of literature with a touch of action, "Pride and Prejudice" is hilarious but romantic, and the works of Edgar Allan Poe makes you consider things you'd never thought of before. The man might have been.. complicated company, but reading him is complicated in the way I enjoy
If you're not easily bored by difficult, old-fashioned language, there is something for everyone on the classic bookshelf.
 I'm still looking to get a copy of "Jane Eyre", too. The movie was awesome!

Needle and thread? Well..
I have recently started making my own stuff, so I guess I can kind of/sort of put that one on my list. Apart from that, I've always been a creative soul. I love drawing, and my style range from the Tim Burton-esque to "Sailor Senshi! Kawaii!" stuff. 

Skillwise, these are the ways that I'd say that I fit the bill. I may add, that I have watched Kamikaze Girls and bought the book, I decorate my house with antiques, etc. and etc. 

The rest of the cliché is more a matter of personality. The way I get the cliché Lolita, she's always sweet and polite, and if we are to trust the forementioned "Kamikaze Girls" story, she's a loner who hangs around nobody, except maybe her immense collection of teddybears and porcelain dolls.
Though I do like porcelain dolls and oldfashioned teddybears, and I thrive in my own company most of the time, I think the "polite" and "sweet" part is something that everybody should strive for.

The Lolita community is kind of split up on the "Lolita's should be sweet and polite!" stereotype. Some people seem to have a hard time with people 'telling them what to do' and complain loudly and obnoxiously whenever it is mentioned, and then they try as much as they can to show how tough and non-sugary they are (usually by cursing like sailors and talking about how much alcohol they consume and how hard they party). 
They forget that being polite is not the same thing as being a doormat.
No, people shouldn't tell other people what to do. But I'm gonna do it anyway, with this one.
I'm pretty sure I'm both sweet and polite, at least most of the time. 
And everybody should stive to be so, Lolita or not.

This post turned into a bit of a ramble in the end, but I hope you get what I'm saying.

In which way do you fit the Lolita cliché?
I can't wait to get to talk about the opposite- How I don't! Haha!

PS. I have a really exciting post coming up! A small hint: It's a new Indie Brand interview! So keep checking back for the good stuff!

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