torsdag den 16. januar 2014

LBC: 3 Prints in My Favorite Colorway

This week's Lolita Blog Carnival topic is to name 3 different prints in my favorite colorway. I'm taking this as an open invitation to share a little bit of my wishlist, so this is also gonna be my top 3 favorite prints as of right now! This does not include my actual dreamprint, that I talked about some time ago.

The Secret Between Alice and the Clock Tower in Ivory
The contrast between the dark blue, the black and the ivory is just so beautiful! I love contrasting prints, that really makes the artwork stand out. It also gives the story told around the border a different feel, I think. It seems kind of eerie, kind of dark instead of the usual pastel blue, cotton candy-like prints that you see. The silver detailing looks kind of like shadows. 
The dress looks beautiful in a cold sort of way. It's just a whole different type of Alice!

Dim Light in Wine/Bourdeaux
With this design and print I really think Metamorphose showed what they're capable of! The gold stands out beautifully against the wine-colored background. What I really love, is the way the fabric shines. The color is not the usual dark red that Alice and the Pirates often uses. The color seems richer, I think. Once again, the print stands out really gorgeously, and the details really jump right out at you. The brown ruffles and chiffon details are a bold move, but they work out really well. The entire print, specifically in this colorway, makes me think of a dinner party in the italian renaissance period. 

Sorry for the closeup. I just thought it showed the print the best!
Miracle Candy in Red
I tend to fall for Angelic Pretty's prints in the darker colorways, but never in black. Therefore, red is usually my choice, and with Miracle Candy it's no different. This is the newest print on my wishlist, and I fell for it for multiple reasons. The print is candy sweet, but I love the detailing on the glass containers. The shading is done really well. Also, the colors in the print are a little understated compared to their other candy prints. It makes me think of an oldfashioned candy shop, also because of the polkadot tulle and white cotton ruffles. I love the way pastels look against a red background! It makes the whole print seem a bit warmer. Also, I have a weakness for red candy stripes!

So, these are some of my current favorite prints! They also represent some of the different facets of my style. Even if they're different, I still think they fit a pattern that I cannot quite put my finger on..

Oh well! Let me point you towards some of the other wonderful blogs that participated in this weeks theme!

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  1. Aaah Miracle Candy... I love that print more and more... Good choice! :3 Hihi. ^^


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