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LBC: 1 Piece, 4 Seasons

This week's Lolita Blog Carnival was a great practice session if one was a little bit stuck in the co-ord department. Also, it gave me a chance to play around with Polyvore, which is always fun!

For my 1 piece, I chose a dress which has no seasonal "vibe" to it as such, but I wanted something that was not plain and easy to work with, either. Therefore, I went with Baby the Stars Shine Bright's "Kitty Kitty Rhapsody" print! 
(I'm a sucker for cats... I need that print in my wardrobe at some point!)

Fall Kitty Coordinate
Fall Coordinate
For the fall coordinate, I wanted to play up the cream aspects of the print, with just a little bit of the pale pink thrown in there as accent colors. With that in mind, and also kitty cats, I chose the fawn fur, which again gave me the chance to add in some darker fall colors. I think the fawn fur nudged me in a more outdoor-sy direction, so I went for a pair of comfy looking victorian boots and a hat that resembles a victorian riding hat. Perfect for a walk in the forest! All in all, I think it turned out very classy and very different from how I usually see this dress coordinated. 

Spring Coordinate
Spring Coordinate
For spring, I thought it would be most appropriate to play up the gentle pink color! And what goes better with gentle pink than chiffon and princess themes? Instead of white, I decided to go with cream, as it suits the print more. The sheer tights with little polka dots and the sheer collar of the blouse adds a princess-like feel to the coordinate. I went with a bonnet and flowers because of the romance. The cat ear headbands could be used along with the flower clips, if bonnets are not really your thing.

A day at the harbor
Summer Coordinate
For summer, I really wanted to make the hot pink details of the print pop! And when I found the hat, I just had to go in kind of a sailor-ish direction. What I had in mind for this coord, was a nice walk along the harbor, eating icecream, eating lunch out of a picnic basket and enjoying the sun and smell of the ocean. Very much the danish summer for you! 
I should have added in a pair of cat-eye sunglasses, now that I think about it.

winter set
Winter Coordinate
For winter, it is all about fluffy snowball kittens. I wanted to make this coordinate as fluffy and snowy as possible, without resorting to cat-paw mittens. I chose a soft cutsew instead of a blouse, because I wanted a cozy coordinate as opposed to "formal". For extra warmt, I added in the bolero. We're still in the princess-like department, as you can see from the ribbons, pearls and lace. I wouldn't recommend walking on slippery surfaces in those boots. They're purely for decorative purposes.
Oh, and the snowflake is a pendant! How cute is that!?

This week's theme was a lot of fun! It was very interesting, making a single print that might seem a bit "closed off", work in a bunch of different coordinates with very different themes, color schemes and "weather conditions".

Still stuck on how to make "that dress" work for the upcoming spring? Check out these blogs for inspiration!

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  1. I looove the spring and winter coord! *o* I'd wear them in a heartbeat!


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