lørdag den 18. januar 2014

52 Weeks: Favorite Hairstyle

This week's 52 Weeks Lolita Challenge is to talk about my favorite hairstyle! 
Sadly, I'll be talking about a way too rare one. It's pretty much extinct, actually.
My Favorite Lolita hairstyle is- Ringlets!

And I'm talking real ringlets, not the "Hollyweed Ringlets" that more resemble heavy wavey-hair.
Ringlets are the classic princess hairstyle, and the most preferred 'do for antique dolls. I suspect that as Lolita has slowly moved away from the "antique doll" ideal, they have at the same time cast-out this elegant, oldfashioned perm. 

Many people may consider ringlets to be "extreme". They're not as natural as the long, wavey hairstyles that are favored by most Lolitas today (even the Sweet-oriented ones!), but I think they fit the aesthetic and is able to add a little bit of cute, opulent spice to most coordinates! As Lolita has been gradually moving towards a more natural look the past years, I hope we get to see ringlets and other Old-School elements resurface.
Ringlets are also a pretty versatile hairstyle. They ARE a little like more extreme curls, in that matter. Below I'm gonna post a couple of inspirational photos to show how ringlets can be worn, apart from letting them hang loose like in the wig-photo above.

Old-School Pigtails

Awesome late-60's Updo! I think this could look pretty badass in a hime-coord

Pinned back with a long ponytail!

I myself would wear ringlets, if my hair wasn't so stubborn! It refuses to stay curled. I've gotta find a solution to that somehow...
I hope this opened more people's eyes to the beauty of the good old ringlet-style! 

2 kommentarer :

  1. I LOVE ringlets! I can't curl my hair myself, so I have to wait until I'm at home and have my mom help me, but I'm really, really, wanting a ringlet wig so I can wear my hair like that more often. Ringlets are so pretty and doll-like; I wonder why no one wears them anymore.

  2. I have hard to curl hair too. There are a few tricks to getting them to stay longer: don't wash your hair the night before and pin the curl up until it's cool before you let it down. Unfortunately, that probably still wouldn't be enough for these ringlets.

    And that 60s hair looks so amazing, too...


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