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LBC: Lolita and You in 8 Years

This week in the Lolita Blog Carnival, the theme is to predict the future! Where do I see myself in 8 years, when it comes to Lolita fashion?

As some of you guys know, I've been a Lolita for almost half a decade now. Truth be told, I had no idea that I would come this far, when I first started. I just wanted to have fun, and I wanted to be part of some larger group. Lolita was adorable, convenient and part of something that I'd already kind of stepped into (or so I thought, because I read a lot of manga..)

Things sort of change when you become an adult, though. You get responsibilities, you have less time to yourself and you have to, and this stings my heart to admit, think of your image a little bit.
I'm lucky enough that my workplace doesn't care what I do in my spare time, currently, but 8 years from now? I'm not so sure I'll still have that luxury!

In 8 years, I see myself going in one of 2 directions. Either I'll be working at some university, doing research. If I want to be succesful, I'll have to take care of my image to be taken seriously. That means not doing "weird" stuff on the internet. The same goes for if I get a good job at a local museum, and I have to make the place look good to potential guests.
Contrary to popular belief, I never see Lolita becoming mainstream. 
It's just too small and obscure a fashion, even if it feels like we're a lot of people when browsing EGL and joining groups of a couple of thousand people on Facebook. People will never see it as normal for an adult to post pictures of herself in cute pastel dresses playing charades and drinking tea. 
It shouldn't matter what I do in my spare time if I'm good at my job, but that's just how it is.

The jobs I want will probably be time consuming as well. I'm prepared for my job to become a bit of a lifestyle. Maybe I won't really want to spend my days off doing my hair, make-up and everything else to the nines, just to go grocery shopping and lounge about my house. It would be a lot of trouble too, if I have to take everything off to go biking to stay in shape. As much as I love Lolita, I need to take care of myself, which means staying in shape. Not easy to do in Lolita, no matter what "Mr. Rococo" says!

In 8 years, I will be 28, coming on 29. Age, in and off itself, is not an issue for me. I will be happy to wear dresses with little kittens in tiaras in 8 years, if luck is on my side and I find that I have both the time and energy to still keep up with new releases, dress up in my sparetime and go to meet-ups or just go to a café with a friend or two. I know plenty of gorgeous girls in their mid to late 20's who still wear Lolita!

It's not a matter of not wanting to. It's not a matter of me not loving Lolita or wanting to cling to my precious garments for as long as possible. It's a matter of "society" that's going to knock on my door sooner or later, calling for me to come out here and participate in the masquerade that is business relationships. On the bright side, it is also a matter of me following a dream that I've had since I was a kid! I'm gonna be a historian sooner or later, and that will be my life, which won't leave much time to be active in my local community. The social aspect of Lolita fashion has become a big part of my participation in the fashion, over the past year, as I've become more and more busy. 

I dress in Lolita for me. That is true. But the lifestyle certainly adds to the magic.
If I lose that, my dresses will collect dust, and I might lose the passion that I once had.

I'm not gonna ever stop being fabulous, though! If I stop dressing in Lolita fashion, I know I'll move on to something else. Can you imagine a historian in homemade victorian garments!? That will be epic, and who knows? If I'm lucky, the authenticity might actually be a feather in the tophat of my future career!

(I think I'm gonna give my dresses a hug now. I'm still yours, my dears!)

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