torsdag den 26. juni 2014

My Lolita Playlist

Now that I've finally finished my exams, I want to start summer vacation with this short and simple post, where I share the songs I like to listen to, when in Lolita!

It's of course a little different, depending on which Lolita style I'm wearing. Every outfit has a different aesthetic which fits a different mood and a different atmosphere, and therefore, a different type of music. However, the following are the ones that makes me think of Lolita the most.

Defying Gravity from Wicked
BI'm being myself, and I'm doing what most people feel like you "can't do", when I'm in Lolita. As such, I feel like this song is very fitting. In Lolita, you're reaching for the stars! The highest form of beauty, in your own eyes.  

Ever, Ever After by Carrie Underwood
Because in Lolita, we all feel like every day princesses. What movie better captures that, than "Enchanted"? This song really captures the magic of Lolita to me.

Never Underestimate a Girl by Vanessa Hudgens
This song is very empowering, I think. I feel strong in a feminine way, when wearing Lolita. Like someone you shouldn't mess with, even if I don't look like it.

For the First Time in Forever from Frozen
This one is hilarious to listen to while getting ready for a meet-up! It really puts me in the mood for going out and looking elegant.. Or, like the "picture of sophisticated grace", haha!

Rise like a Phoenix by Conchita Wurst
This is another song that I find to be very empowering. After a long time of looking my worst, and then finally being able to dress to the nines the way I like, feels kind of like a frilly rebirth, doesn't it?

Rum Pum Pum by F(x)
I admit I don't speak even a little bit of korean, but I listen to quite a bit of K-pop, and for some reason, this always makes me think of Lolita when I listen to it. I think it's the combination of femininity and strength. It has a very strong sounding chorus. When walking around town in Lolita, I can't help but lift my chin a bit higher when listening to this one.

These are just some of my favorite songs to listen to, while in Lolita.

Specifically when wearing gothic or darker Classic Lolita, I also enjoy listening to Versailles. Their sound is so aristocratic! I'll put some of their songs below.

Aristocrats Symphony by Versailles

Princess by Versailles

Last but not least, I still really enjoy McMelody Doll, haha! Even if she's old news, she's still hilarious, I think!

What are some of your favorite songs to listen to, when you're all frilled up? Let me know if there's anything you think I should check out!

Oh, and have a great summer vacation!
Those of you who're not there yet; Stay strong!

tirsdag den 24. juni 2014

Shopping Service Review: Japonica Market!

This last week I used Japonica Market to make a purchase from Yahoo JP, and I thought I'd share my experience, because God knows how handy it is to be able to compare the quickest and easiest way to snatch up that dream dress when it finally shows up on the second hand market!
For me it was just a couple of smaller items for an Old School coordinate I'm building right now, alongside with my first handmade JSK! 
I can't wait to show it to you when it's finished!

Well, to get back on topic:

I made my order on the 13th of June, and it was confirmed and received on the 14th.
They made a request for a deposit of 1400 yen right away, which I gladly paid as soon as I saw it. On this day, I also decided to add another item to my order. This was no problem, and they made a request for another deposit and bid on my second item the next day.

Japonica Market was really good at keeping me up-to-date every time something happened in regards to my order. I received multiple status updates that let me know when the items had shipped, had arrived at their office, what the price was gonna be, etc, and they let me know that they'd be awaiting my confirmation that I wanted to pay for shipping.
I suppose that since they didn't invoice me right away, they actually let customers wait for a little while and are willing to hold the item for at least a small amount of time. That's good to know if an item you really want shows up, but you're missing just that tiny bit of money that you'll be receiving in 4 days, to pay for shipping.

Japonica Market was also nice enough to mark my package as a gift, which is nice. You have the option of having them mark down the value on the package, but that means you'll lose some of the insurance money, should your item get lost in the mail.

As a small extra detail (and I do like that little bit of special care), they let me know that my item had arrived, and told me in advance that I would be receiving a tracking number on monday. I really like how they seem to go that extra mile for the comfort of their customers.

The item was sent out, and arrived in Denmark safely. No fighting with customs or anything, but well, my items weren't that expensive. 

Considering that I only ordered a headbow and a bonnet, they were shipped in a pretty big box!
The items were wrapped in bubblewrap. 

Both of the accessories were also neatly packed in seperate plastic envelopes.

I really liked Japonica Market, and I give them 5 out of 5 spades ♤ for speed and communication!
However,  I've heard that there are cheaper options out there, so I'll check those out. If not, I'm sure I'll use Japonica Market again. I felt like my first experience with a japanese shopping service was in good hands.

mandag den 16. juni 2014

Tall Lolita and Skirt Length Extremist

I have a confession to make, guys and girls.
I used to be a "skirt length extremist"!

Anything shorter than a couple of inches above the knee was unacceptable to me, until just around a year or so ago. That must sound kind of counterproductive, considering that I am 5'9 (179-180 cm) tall and in need of dresses that are around 100 cm long to reach my knees. The average BTSSB jumperskirt is 91-93 cm long, so you can see where this is going.

If I cared so much about skirt length, how could I be a Lolita? Especially since I do not own an underskirt (now, one is on my "to buy-list)

I used to purchase replicas. I was a plus sized Lolita, so I had to buy replicas anyway to be able to fit into un-shirred dresses, and I preferred to purchase un-shirred dresses, as full-body shirring has never been to my tastes. I felt like that gave me the right to be a skirt length extremist, because well.. All my dresses reached my knees. I felt like that excused my closet of replicas, because, as a tall girl, I would never be able to wear brand without it being quite short on me. There's also the possibility for us tall girls to get custom made Taobao or Fanplusfriend pieces- There's plenty of ways for tall people to have pieces of an appropriate length.

Time has passed since then, and even while the trend of short Lolita skirts (luckily for me) seems to be dying out in favor of "OTT Classic", and multiple layers of long chiffon underskirts, I have only gotten more and more... relaxed, about the idea of short Lolita skirts.
Here's what has changed for me, that has made me open my mind up to the idea of short(er) skirts:

I used to care a lot about the idea of modesty in Lolita fashion. And I still do, kind of. I still think you should wear a blouse, a cutsew, a light bolero or the like, with your Lolita outfits. But this is almost as much because of the look in itself- to me, most pieces look better with that extra layer that they were made to have. The intricate detailing of  blouse also adds more interest to an outfit. However, not all dresses look good with an underskirt. It looks off with a lace or chiffon border underneath some dresses, even if the underskirt matches, colorwise.
Also, as long as the shorter skirt length looks alright- that is, is able to acommodate a petticoat, create the correct silhouette and is not so short that it becomes a mini-skirt, I do not see the problem. I draw the line at a mini-skirt, because some people would consider a mini-skirt too "sexy", and that is not exactly the point of the Lolita aesthetic.

Tallness is also a part of a person's physical being, and maybe exactly the one that definetely cannot be changed. As long as it looks alright, I think the community needs to be openminded about it. Being unusually tall, if you'e not a super model, or short can be enough of a hassle in a person's daily life. Believe me!

So, what do you guys think about skirt length in Lolita fashion?
Is it OK to break the skirt length "rule", if the rest of the outfit is spot on? Is the knee-length skirt the most important rule? Do you agree that this rule should be taken with a grain of salt by tall people specifically?
Let me know!

And thank you to you guys for wishing me a happy birthday! I had a great time, and am now a little closer to having a Lolita themed home, thanks to my presents! I got the most gorgeous tassels for my curtains, and a new antique cabinet for my books.

Untill next time, folks! And good luck if you're also still working hard on your exams!

torsdag den 12. juni 2014

LBC: Invent 5 New Lolita Holidays!

It's been a while since I last participated in the Lolita Blog Carnival, but this one I just had to jump into! It sounded like too much fun, and it totally gets me wondering.. What is worth celebrating together, inside Lolita?
Making up some new causes to celebrate seems like the perfect way to celebrate post 100, too! Yay!

My first thought was:

Substyle-Specific Celebration Days
I think each of the many substyles in Lolita kind of deserves a day of their own, to make us more aware of, and celebrate, the diversity in Lolita fashion! We've actually managed to build up a fashion that incorporates so many different aesthetics and moods, under one elegant, quirky, poofy umbrella!Each of these days could be made extra special by going all out and doing some genre-specific activities. Like visiting a haunted house on "Gothic Lolita Day", or singing punk-rock karaoke together on "Punk Lolita Day"!
I think days like these could also get more people to explore more of the different substyles, so they'd be able to join in on the fun.

Another holiday that could be really interesting would be..
The Grand Lolita Exchange Day
A big trade, buy and sell day for Lolitas, with swapmeets and trade markets taking place all over the world! Some of these meet-ups could turn into huge events, with people meeting up, gathering around the stalls, chatting and doing picnics, all the while eyeing new goods, haggling, trading, buying and selling their goods! People would get their wardrobe cleaned out, new items added, and I think it could really boost the secondhand Lolita market. 

A third holiday Idea I have could be this..
Ye Olde' Lolita Day
A day where all Lolitas all over the world gather around, or close themselves into their homes, and try to get back down to the roots of Lolita fashion in the west, back before everything was readily available. It would be a big crafting day, where people could sit together and glue and sew, or maybe just sit by themselves at home in their best old school Lolita outfit, sewing lace onto the cuffs of a thrifted shirt, while rewatching "Kamikaze Girls".

Kind of in line with the one above, an interesting Lolita event day could also be..
Historical Lolita Day
This could be either just fun, or educational... And a treat for history nerds like me. Dressing up in historically inspired outfits, going out to museums or having meet-ups where we play old fashioned games, like croquet. It's all about celebrating the beauty of the old days, that inspired Lolita in the first day, and gave of the sense of beauty we now have!

I saved the best one for last..
Educate the Public Day
Let's all take a day out of our calendars, walk up and down busy shopping streets or malls, handing out flowers and business cards to the public!!
(Haha, just kidding!)

These would be the celebrations I wish would catch on as holidays. There are many aspects of Lolita fashion, and I think we're really lucky to have such a widespread base for our subculture. We've got a long history, and our own traditions. It's very fascinating, actually!

Need more causes to celebrate? Check out the links below!
Also, let me know what you think we should celebrate. What in our fashion does not get the appreciation it deserves? We've still got 363 days left to spend!
(oh hey, look! It's past midnight! Happy birthday to me!)
Lace Teapot
F Yeah Lolita
Hello Batty

søndag den 8. juni 2014

A Living Tourist Attraction

Hello everyone! Long time no talk!
I've been very busy lately as my exams are coming up. I've had to study the "history of Globalization" for hours on end, and I've had to really squeeze Lolita in from time to time (to now go completely crazy).
Yesterday was one of those hectic days. I read for a couple of hours, then I took the train (reading) to the International Lolita Day meet-up and then I went back home to read some more.

We met up at the train station, walked to the King's Garden to have our picnic and well.. It was an interesting experience.

The King's Garden is a public park area behind Rosenborg Castle, an old renaissance castle build by the king for his beloved, a couple of hundred years ago. It's my favorite danish castle so far (and my second favorite just behind Versailles, all in all). What I had forgotten to consider was that it's not just my favorite castle, perfect for a picnic- It is also a must-see for tourists from all kinds of different destinations in the summer. Tourists who are, in general, really bad at being considerate to other people's privacy and have left all their manners at home with their obligations.

We walked through the castle gates and around the castle to cross the bridge and get into the Garden, and from our first step, people began snapping away! We were more interesting than the building right behind us! It felt like being shot down by paparazzi!
And it didn't get much better when we'd sat down with our blankets and started chatting. People all around us were snapping pictures non-stop, sat down on our blankets next to us to have their friends take a picture of them sitting with us (without asking!). It felt like we had just stopped being living people to them!

So how did we deal with this?
We didn't.

We just continued enjoying our day. It was the very fewest of them who got into our personal space without asking. When they did, we felt it very rude and a little uncomfortable, and we probably should have said something to them, in retrospect, even if it was due to a difference in culture. But making a scene and throwing a fit at one tourist who took pictures of us from a distance without asking would not make the rest of them go away.

We just kept on having a good time, talking, drinking our tea, and it actually became a lively topic among us how strangers react to Lolita. What was going on around us was, after all, an example. When people were nice enough to come up and ask if they could have a picture, we had a good time! The cutest little shy girl wanted a picture with us because she thought we looked like princesses. Who would we be to say no to that?

We decided to move after a couple of hours to go to somewhere a little more private. 
If we had said or done something instead, maybe the people would have been more considerate the next time they saw someone interesting they wanted a picture off. But taking the time to educate every single paparazzi would have taken away all the time we could have spend having fun!

What would you have done in such a situation?  How did you celebrate ILD?
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