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Meet-Up: So very artsy-fartsy!

This saturday I went with my local Lolita girls to the "Aros" museum in Aarhus, which is a museum of modern art. It's a good hour or two away from where I live, but it was worth it! I'd never been to Aros before, and I was quite curious, as the danish queen and her husband has just opened an exhibition at Aros, featuring a bunch of their own artistic creations. We met up at the trainstation at about noon, and walked to the museum.
Almost all of the pictures in this post was taken by other Lolitas, as my new phone camera is suckish. 

We met up with the rest of the girls there, and then just started from the bottom floor and worked our way up!

At the bottom floor Aros has a lot of sensory exhibits. It's like a maze of halls that look exactly alike, with doors on each site. Behind every door, you find a different room. Most of them are very dark, only lit up by the art in the room. The art could be anything from a huge, slowmotion picture on each wall, showing water that is slowly falling upwards, or a huge, luminescent egg. We were especially fascinated by one of the only decorated rooms. It was named something along the lines of "The Neighbor's Living Room". The room was dark, and built like there was a balcony outside, with a breeze that made the laundry outside move a little bit. As we went about the room, examining the books on the shelves, the furniture and strange decor, the sun started to rise outside. It was pretty neat!

Group shot in the neighbors' living room!
We went upstairs to take a look at the rest of the modern art. This was most definetely not my favorite part of the museum, but I'm not gonna complain, as I knew what I got into. Modern art is modern art when it comes to paintings, and it's never gonna be my cup of tea! So I let art be art, and enjoyed the company instead, and talked to a couple of the nice, elderly ladies who complimented and asked about our clothes. We were quite popular that day. Of course some people had to ask if we were part of a happening somewhere on the museum, or if one of the girls were getting married (so the rest of her were her bachelorette party? haha!)
Ceiling mirror!

We did get to see the exhibition that I had been looking forward to- The "Pas de Deux Royal"! I had pretty high expectations, even if I didn't know what to expect- I were not dissapointed! Queen Margrethe has done some pretty cool things. Bishop robes that she had designed were exhibited, and they looked stunning. A bunch of pretty paintings were there as well, and there was a room dedicated to the costumes that she had designed for the royal ballet. My favorite part were her illustrations for the danish version of J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings"!

Sadly, I've got no pictures of this part of the trip. But take my word for it- It was pretty cool!
We went upstairs once more, to an exhibition of the owner of the museum's 100 favorite pieces. These were handpicked by the guy, whomever he is. There were a couple of very pretty pieces amongst them, but a lot of our time was just spent goofing around with various illuminescent surfaces and funny mirrors. Lots of selfies were taken and shared through snapchat and Facebook!

My least favorite piece of art was part of this exhibition- Since when was 20-30 jars with pieces of a slaughtered horse on a shelf considered "art"? Oh well. Whatever floats ya' boat, I guess.
The paintings by Julie Nord is always awesome, though! I love her mixture of storybook-like drawings and eerie elements. Of course we had to take a group shot in front of the Rococo-esque one!

Cool stuff that I've got no pictures of would be: The huge, extremely lifelike statue of a boy covering in a corner, looking at us suspiciously over his shoulder, and a video of a woman being turned into a dragqueen, but played backwards! We were in awe by the transformation.

Also, it was of course not possible to photograph exactly how much fun we had, getting to know each other even more! We're meeting up again, in my town this time, for a teaparty! I'm planning on contributing with some delicious, chewy cookies, with pieces of mixed chocolates inside.

Last but not least, to make you guys even more hungry..

Have a picture of the cupcakes our host brought along! They were banana-chocolate cupcakes!
Made to look like Lolita poops.. Hence the rainbow sprinkles.

We ended the afternoon perfectly, at the local bubbletea café, and then split up.
All in all, I had a great afternoon!

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