søndag den 12. januar 2014

Less talking, more doing: My First Handmade Skirt!

New Years often means New Beginning for a lot of people. People make New Years Resolutions where they promise themselves all kinds of stuff- To lose weight, to work harder, to study more... Truth be told, I'm not really a believer when it comes to that kind of stuff. I know from experience that you really need to step it up to put actions behind promises before they matter. It's a lot easier to make promises followed by excuses, than to do anything and make commitments.
Well, I've finally "done"! For years on end I've been promising myself that I'd add another, more serious, hobby to my list and I started this year out by taking the big plunge. I bought a sewing machine, and now I've finished my first project! I didn't just buy the equipment, I actually spent hours on end working hard, and this is the result!

This is it! I've added two little bows to the line of ribbon, too!
I made the most adorable skirt, and I'm terribly proud of myself!
I spent hours on end working on this! Two nights ago, I worked almost non-stop for 12 hours (A lot of time, but hey, I'm a complete beginner!)
It's a little crooked, the ribbon is not entirely straight, and the seams are not as neat as on the dresses I've purchased from professionals, but I still find it to be gorgeous, and I'll wear it with pride.

Wow, are my proportions off on camera! Haha!

I put together a quick coordinate, because I just couldn't wait to try it out! It's a bit on the short side, but I've decided not to care. I think it rocks the short length pretty well!

Moral of the story is not just that I wanted to show off my first handmade piece (even if it's a huge factor, I'll admit).
It's also that instead of making promises to yourself, go out and do something! Do it right now!
Make that purchase. Make a commitment that you cannot run away from. Go to the gym, if that's what you've been planning to do.
Even if you do not see immediate results, they will come. Taking that first tiny step in the right direction is still progress. Allow yourself to be proud of that, because that's what's gonna keep you motivated! My skirt is not first-class handiwork, but with practice, I know I'll get better. That's what taking action will do to you.

If you don't do anything, the promises that you've made to yourself is gonna run right out in the sand, and you'll stay dissapointed in you.

Enough talking. More doing!

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  1. What a cute skirt. It's awesome how the ribbon matches your shoes perfectly. <3


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