tirsdag den 1. juli 2014

The Keys to my Cocoon

This is halfway a list of items that are next on my "Must Buy" list, and a list of items that I've been wanting and needing for years and years, but for some reason have never, ever gotten around to actually buying. Because I've been a greedy little lady who'd rather get a fancy new dress than "Lolita necessities".  Pretty necessities, but they still don't look half way as impressive as a new print for the closet lineup, does it?

But I've been building my wardrobe pretty effectively since Christmas, and now I can't run away from it anymore. A dress in itself is not a coordinate. It needs some pals to cooperate with, to help us look pretty.
This is what I currently need, and yes, it's in the following order.

1. Pale Pink Platforms
I really need to put more funds into my Lolita shoe collection. This is the most neglected part of my wardrobe- Which is strange, since I adore Lolita shoes! Old habits die hard, I think, since I never cared much for mainstream shoes. Shoes have quite a bit to say in fashion, sadly.. The same goes for Lolita fashion. They can make or break a coordinate.
(Platforms may have gone out of style, but they never left my heart!)

Bobon21 bolero jacket and Bodyline cardigan
2. Adorable boleros/cardigans
Having plenty of cutsews and blouses is one thing. But I feel like I need more options with my layering. Plain white blouses, while different in their detailing, tends to get old after a while. Being able to spice it up with an assortment of different outer layers to choose from would be ideal. It's amazing what a bolero can do to an outfit, except from just keeping you warm in early spring!

Bobon21 Jewelry

3. Jewelry
I never have enough jewelry. For some reason, I keep buying jewelry, but it never seems to be enough. In other people's wardrobe posts every january, I see astonishing piles after piles of jewelry! How do you guys do that?!

4. Wigs
Wigs are in no way a necessity in Lolita, but they're a fun addition to the look. I like the idea of being able to customize my appearance and change my haircolor to suit my coordinate, and that's why I just recently started my collection with a brown bodyline wig (Review coming up soon!)
 I've also recently begun experimenting with false eyelashes. I really want an aurburn wig, like the one above. I still prefer natural colored wigs for my own style.

These are the current things that I need in my wardrobe. And suddenly I realize, that it's not nearly as much stuff as I've been thinking! I'm actually getting to a point where I can say, that my wardrobe is truly coming together in a way that is satisfactory to me. I never imagined that my Lolita wardrobe would change and expand the way it's doing, right now. I'm even comfortable selling a couple of my dresses that I'm no longer using, without feeling like I'm throwing away half of what I own.

This is a really exciting time for me, in my Lolita life. I thought I was a "grown up" Lolita, but it turns out, I'm still in a cocoon. I'm on my way to breaking free, though!
Now I'll just have to figure out how to apply lashes without gluing my eyelids together...

How do you feel about your wardrobe right now, you guys? 
Are you still missing some puzzle pieces to feel like you've achieved a "complete" wardrobe? Of course there's always room for more, but you know what I mean..

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  1. I love that jewelry you posted! It's super pretty, and I definitely agree with you that my little collection of jewelry always seems to pale in comparison to others. I really hope you're able to acquire these items you listed and I look forward to seeing your wardrobe grow :) Ironically, I actually just finished posting on my blog about this very topic!

  2. Ideally I'd like to have enough coordinates that I could wear Lolita for an entire week without wearing the exact same coord twice. I'm about halfway to that point, though!

  3. I'm really in the same situation as you; I'm still in a cocoon!
    I feel like I'm missing so much accessories and SHOES! And other stuff.
    But I've recently gotten myself som skirts and shirts, so I'm slowly building my wardrobe up!


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