fredag den 18. juli 2014

Review: Cool2Day Wig

And I added another wig to my collection. Of course I did! I fell so in love with the first one, and this one was just sitting there, begging to me with that cheap price. I decided to try my luck. Even if the general notion in Lolita is that "You get what you pay for" (which is for the most part true! I learned that the hard way!) I have heard enough good stories about Taobao wigs from asia. I was not dissapointed!

This particular wig is a Cool2Day wig, which I got for around 10$ from the ebay store "Makeyourdreamcometrue", which has 98% positive reviews. I bought the wig around 2 weeks ago and it was shipped out almost immediately. It was estimated to arrive, with free shipping, 2 weeks from now!

I believe that particular ebay store is Cool2Days own, as they were addressed as such on the letter that came with the wig. However, you can't be a 100% sure, I suppose, as they have a pretty small selection of wigs compared to the official Cool2Day website. The wig arrived pretty much unprotected in a grey plastic envelope, but nothing had happened to it during transport. I got a free wigcap, which I suppose is pretty standard, but a welcome gesture in my book.

As soon as I took the wig out of the bag, I was in love! The price was a third of my Bodyline wig, but the quality is so much better! It's positively silky! The listing said that the wig was supposed to be made out of 100% japanese kanekalon, and I could believe that! It's that good! The wig, however, has about the same amount of shine to it as my Bodyline wig. Which is not that much in my book. It's thicker than my Bodyline wig at the top.
In certain light settings, the color is pretty close to the original photo.

This is the netting. It's very close, and it's very easy to adjust the wig size. My only complaint would be that there are a lot of loose threads to snip. 

This is me wearing the wig. Once again, excuse my no-make up face! I'm not that pretty on my days off.
Back to the wig. It has the natural wavyness of the photo, and is also a decent length, even if I'm a billion times bigger than the average asian woman. The wig is a little tight, and definetely not as stretchy as the Bodyline one. I had to pull a bit to make it cover my wig cap. I think that might also be the reason that the wig is a lot thinner on me. There's a larger area that it needs to cover, headwise. It's definetely wearable, though! 

This is the wig in direct sunlight! To me, it looks just fine! There's a shinyness to it, but that's to be expected with false hair.

All in all, I'm very satisfied! I'd go as far as to give it a 4 spades out of 5!

Part of me kind of wants to bump it up to a 5, but I can't. Not for me in particular. On me, the wig could have been thicker and more stretchy, and there were still loose threads. But that's just me being picky. The wig was more than worth the price, and I wouldn't hesitate to get many more Cool2Day wigs!

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  1. Nice! i will take a look at the store! Seems like you are not 100% happy with the wig... But well they are cheap! Doesn't look bad.
    The wig form is beautiful!


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