søndag den 27. juli 2014

Photoshoot: Memory of a Broken Dollhouse

The other afternoon my photographer once again pulled me out of the pleasantly cool confinements of my house to do a photoshoot with me. In full Lolita. During the hottest danish summer I can remember.
Of course I went for it, threw on layer upon layer, grabbed my parasol and my fan and went for it.
The funny thing is, I actually felt pleasantly cool under my handheld shade and selfmade breeze! He was the melty one!

I picked out my absolute favorite pictures of the batch to show you guys. These are the result of a fun afternoon in an abandoned warehouse. I'm very happy with how they turned out, and I hope you guys will like them almost as much!

Dress: BtSSB
Bonnet: BtSSB
Shoes: Bodyline
Everything else is offbrand!

2 kommentarer :

  1. Whoa, I admire you for challenging the summer heat! *o*
    But wow, these pictures are amazing! <3


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