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A Danish Lolita Oasis: WONDERWHO

A while ago, a girl in my local community shared some unbelievable photos with the rest of us. She had found a small shop, with lace, bags shaped like books and hats pilling up everywhere, and petticoats literally hanging from the ceiling like fluffy clouds, among princess-like birdcages. It seemed like the most perfect fairytale shop, and the entire community was ecstatic. Everybody agreed that we'd have to make it the main attraction for our next meet-up!
And so we did! And we got (or, spend) more than we had went in for!

Everybody else were busy with vacations or work, so the turn-up was only the two lovely ladies in the picture, and myself. We started out by getting tea and lunch at a cute little café. We talked and took questions from other curious visitors, before taking to the streets. We had to walk a mile or so to get to WONDERWHO, but we had fun along the way, and looked into various other cute shops. We had looked forward to visiting Lisbeth Dahl's shop in Aarhus, but sadly it closed a short while ago.

Our spirits were lifted as soon as we arrived in the shop.
We were met with a pink rack of adorable 50's and pin-up inspired dresses, with a couple of interesting cardigans inbetween, and the most gorgeous Classic lolita dress hidden among them.

The petticoats hung from the ceiling all over the shop! They were all so soft and fluffy! They reminded me a lot of my Victoriangirldress petticoat, but of slightly better quality. 

 They had this really pretty "Grimm's Fairy Tales" bag. If I had more red in my wardrobe, I might just have gotten it for myself. Also, that vintage bikini. Cute!

There were so much chiffon and lace everywhere I could barely see straight. They also had plenty of loose hanging, earthy colored dresses with uneven hems, perfectly fit for mori-girl, and in the back of the store, a dark and elegant section of gothic finery made my heart flutter and almost want to go gothic again! I think it actually managed to hijack one of the other girls to the dark side. I, myself, fell in love with a pair of winged eyelashes for just a moment. I may have to go back and buy them.

We spend about an hour in the store, chatting with the owner. She's a really cool lady, who was very excited to see Lolitas in her store! She knew about the fashion, and told us how she wanted to expand her selection of Lolita clothes. The only problem was, that nobody but Lolitas were really interested in buying them. She showed us a couple of different dresses, personal favorites of hers, that she thought we would like, and we tried on dress after dress. We told her about how our local community had fallen head over heels in love with her boutique. She was so happy, and ensured us that if we sent her a message in advance of our next visit, she would make sure to be prepared with plenty of Lolita goods for us to dive into.

We were all smiles when we left, shopping bags in hand. Two of us purchased very pretty JSK's, and one of us left with a frilly Lisbeth Dahl parasol.

This was the piece I bought!

It's a JSK of the brand "Red Queen's Black Legion", a Lolita brand from China. The dress is made of a deliciously soft type of fabric. It's very detailed and ruffly, and the lace is of great quality. I've had to snip a couple of loose threads and it's very short, so I will have to add a couple more ruffles at the bottom or wear an underskirt, but apart from that, I really like it! I got it at half price off too.
I added the gold buttons at the front myself, because I thought it was missing something, and I had them left over from another project.

All in all, I'm just so excited that we have a place that cater to Lolita tastes here in Denmark, and with such brilliant customer service too! If you're curious, you can check them out here. They also have a Facebook page!
I may be going back soon for a cotton candy pink 50's dress I tried on. And probably a lot more.

(Oh, and I wish I'd taken a proper outfit photo! One might be coming up later, as we had a nice lady take a photo of us all, that she promised to send us in an email later! Until then you'll just have to live with the top photo. It's me in the pink oldschool coordinate.)

5 kommentarer :

  1. This shop sounds like heaven <3

    1. It's the best thing! Until now we'd only had "Black Sheep", a shop in Copenhagen, that sells overpriced Fan+Friend. And not the good stuff.

  2. Oh my goodness, that's amazing!

    1. I think I'd live there if I could. One of the other girls are probably gonna apply for a job there.

  3. Hello Julie, i live in Denmark for one 1 year now, and i was wondering if there is any way to join or meet with lolita community here in Copenhagen. I am from Croatia and i personaly love fairy kei style and it would be nice to join to some meetings in Copenhagen and break the grey and black monotony :D


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