torsdag den 10. juli 2014

Review: Bodyline Wig 056

Recently I purchased Bodyline's W056 wig. It's my first wig, so I'm very excited, as I've wanted one for years and years! This is a detailed description of my experience with this wig as a first time wig buyer.
Bodyline's service was as usual fine. However, they didn't ship out my order until last Tuesday, and I ordered the wig two weeks ago. They skipped a Tuesday, even if I got my tracking number before then.

I bought the wig in the "Mediumbrown: 8" colorway. The pictures taken inside are not true to color, because of my camera. I will, however, provide a better photo taken outside in sunlight.

The wig arrived in regular netting and a plastic bag, in a thick plastic envelope. It kept it's shape nicely enough.

This is the wig straight out of the bag. The curls are nice and tight, though not as small as in the picture. The texture is a little synthetic and rough, and definetely not soft like real hair, but nice enough.  It's not particularly shiny.

A neat little detail, to make it look like it's actually your real hair, is the skincolor at the top of the head.

A big minus, however, is that the wig is really, really thin. You can clearly see the wig cap when holding the wig up like this. They did not use a lot of material for this wig! Miraculously, you cannot see it on the back of my head when it's worn.

This is the netting on the inside. Pretty standard clasps and all.

And here's two pictures of me wearing the wig. I hope you can excuse my no-make up face. As you can see, it's not terribly shiny. The top picture is pretty much true to color. The color is pretty accurate to the provided photo on their website, I think. My head is also pretty ginormous (one of the biggest in my highschool class, back in the day) so I think almost anybody could wear the wig.

All in all, I'd give this wig 3 out of 5 spades.
Two are detracted for the synthetic feel and how thin the wig is, on top. I'm impressed with the fit and the quality for the price. I'd definetely order wigs from Bodyline again.

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  1. Thank you! This was one of the wigs I had my eye on, thank you for doing a review!

    1. You're welcome :D For the price, I think it's a really good purchase. I've got more cheap wigs coming in that I'm gonna do a review off, soon. I think I've become a little addicted.


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