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LBC: Invent 5 New Lolita Holidays!

It's been a while since I last participated in the Lolita Blog Carnival, but this one I just had to jump into! It sounded like too much fun, and it totally gets me wondering.. What is worth celebrating together, inside Lolita?
Making up some new causes to celebrate seems like the perfect way to celebrate post 100, too! Yay!

My first thought was:

Substyle-Specific Celebration Days
I think each of the many substyles in Lolita kind of deserves a day of their own, to make us more aware of, and celebrate, the diversity in Lolita fashion! We've actually managed to build up a fashion that incorporates so many different aesthetics and moods, under one elegant, quirky, poofy umbrella!Each of these days could be made extra special by going all out and doing some genre-specific activities. Like visiting a haunted house on "Gothic Lolita Day", or singing punk-rock karaoke together on "Punk Lolita Day"!
I think days like these could also get more people to explore more of the different substyles, so they'd be able to join in on the fun.

Another holiday that could be really interesting would be..
The Grand Lolita Exchange Day
A big trade, buy and sell day for Lolitas, with swapmeets and trade markets taking place all over the world! Some of these meet-ups could turn into huge events, with people meeting up, gathering around the stalls, chatting and doing picnics, all the while eyeing new goods, haggling, trading, buying and selling their goods! People would get their wardrobe cleaned out, new items added, and I think it could really boost the secondhand Lolita market. 

A third holiday Idea I have could be this..
Ye Olde' Lolita Day
A day where all Lolitas all over the world gather around, or close themselves into their homes, and try to get back down to the roots of Lolita fashion in the west, back before everything was readily available. It would be a big crafting day, where people could sit together and glue and sew, or maybe just sit by themselves at home in their best old school Lolita outfit, sewing lace onto the cuffs of a thrifted shirt, while rewatching "Kamikaze Girls".

Kind of in line with the one above, an interesting Lolita event day could also be..
Historical Lolita Day
This could be either just fun, or educational... And a treat for history nerds like me. Dressing up in historically inspired outfits, going out to museums or having meet-ups where we play old fashioned games, like croquet. It's all about celebrating the beauty of the old days, that inspired Lolita in the first day, and gave of the sense of beauty we now have!

I saved the best one for last..
Educate the Public Day
Let's all take a day out of our calendars, walk up and down busy shopping streets or malls, handing out flowers and business cards to the public!!
(Haha, just kidding!)

These would be the celebrations I wish would catch on as holidays. There are many aspects of Lolita fashion, and I think we're really lucky to have such a widespread base for our subculture. We've got a long history, and our own traditions. It's very fascinating, actually!

Need more causes to celebrate? Check out the links below!
Also, let me know what you think we should celebrate. What in our fashion does not get the appreciation it deserves? We've still got 363 days left to spend!
(oh hey, look! It's past midnight! Happy birthday to me!)
Lace Teapot
F Yeah Lolita
Hello Batty

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  1. Sounds fun! And happy birthday!

  2. I love the Educate the Public Day! We really need that! :D


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