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Very Impressed Closet Child Review!

So this last Friday I decided to treat myself to a really good deal off of Closet Child's online shop. I haven't bought anything of Closet Child before, just because I haven't really loved anything they put up on their site before (I'm pretty picky with my purchases), but for some reason I just fell instantly in love with this specific print, Alice's Doll House, when I was browsing their website. Do you know that feeling where you can just immediately imagine yourself wearing a dress? This was it for me!
I had to have it!

I know that it is generally recognized that Closet Child is a decent secondhand seller, but I think it is important that people keep coming out with reviews now and then so the information is up to date, but I also wanted to share this experience, just because I was genuinely impressed with them!

As usual, I'm gonna give one total rating, based off individual ratings, which in this case will be in these categories! My rating is a number out of 5.

Ordering Procedure

And then a total rating.
As the dress is not actually a Closet Child product, I'm not gonna do a review of my dress as such, but I will let you know what I think of the state of the dress, compared to how Closet Child rated it. The dress was cheap, but also got a rating of 2/5 on their website. I've heard that Closet Child tends to be very nitpicky, and the tiniest of spots on the lace will be enough to pull down the rating a lot. 
I guess I'll have to see for myself!

So, here we go!

7th of March
I made my purchase at some time before noon, danish time, and received an automatic confirmation email, with plenty of information in easily understandable english. It told me that they'd check up on whether or not my item was actually still in stock, and then they'd get back to me. As Closet Child has many physical storefronts, it is understandable that they need to check if the item has already been sold in a physical store. As the 7th of March was a Friday, I didn't expect them to get back to me before some time next week. 

9th of March
I noticed that I used the wrong email address when ordering from them. I didn't use my paypal email, which I was sure could cause some trouble. Oops! I sent them an email letting them know I made the mistake, and put in plenty of information for them so that they could identify my order, including item, order number etc. 

11th of March
Closet Child gets back to me really early in the morning, letting me know that my order was in stock, and they've already invoiced me (on the wrong email!), but in the email it tells me that if I want to pay from a different email, I can do that. The information about how to proceed is easily understandable. I pay for my dress, including the information they ask for.
Right after that, I leave, as I have to get to my lecture of the day. Around an hour or so passes, and I open my computer before my lecture starts, and wow! An email tells me that Closet Child has received my payment, it is confirmed, they apologize for not getting to my email sooner and.. hold on.. my package has been shipped, and I can easily track it with my tracking number! All of this within a few hours after them telling me that my dress was still available!

12th of March
My dress is in Denmark already! It's going so fast that it's unreal!

So, all in all, I'm ecstatic when it comes to Closet Child's service.

Not perfect grammar or anything, but very easily understandable! No issues at all!
Fast and easy. I didn't have to lift a finger. They use EMS!
Ordering Procedure: 
If you have a guide to help you through, it's an easy to use, standard shopping cart system. It's in japanese, though. 
Remember to check your email if you use paypal, and follow the instructions!
No problems what so ever. Easy to navigate. Everything has a category and is in place. It seems to update very quickly when people purchase something. I couldn't find my dress as soon as I'd purchased it, at least!

So far, so good! 
From here and on, it was up to the danish postal service, and this is where things slowed down a little bit, but not a lot, actually. It arrived at my post office on Friday, and I picked it up today!

The dress in clear plastic, straight out of the box.
The dress came in a nice, big cardboard box. No dents or anything. The dress in itself was put in a clear plastic envelope, and had apparently been tapped to the bottom of the cardboard box.
The tape had let go, however. Or else it was the customs people who had taken the dress out of the box to examine it.
As soon as I opened the box and laid eyes upon the dress, neatly folded in it's plastic bag, I knew this could not go wrong.

Even if the dress looked very, very sad and wrinkly on their website, I thought a good iron and a little love could fix it right back up. It turned out even better than that, as I hope you can see from my photo!
Straight out of the bag, the dress was ready to wear. No wrinkles. Nothing. The dress is perfect! Whatever made them give it a 2/5 rating, I have not been able to find.
I wish I'd saved the Closet Child stockphoto so that I could show you the vast difference between that and what I actually received.

My rating:

Obviously better than the website showed, and great for the price!

Closet Child's Total Rating: 4,5 out of 5 spades!

This was the most pleasant experience I've ever had while shopping for Lolita clothes, and I'd recommend it to anybody! I hope they make a separate english order form. That's the only thing I could reasonably ask for them to improve on. I'd never expect them to get fluent in english.

I hope you found my review to be useful!
(And now I'm off to stare some more on that new dress of mine!)

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  1. Great review, thank you. I'm looking for information since I'm going through an order right now. They got back to me very quickly after confirming my items were in stock but they haven't sent me an email confirming they received my payment and they haven't sent me a tracking number either. But it's only been three days so I guess it is still too soon to be worried. I hope everything turns out as good for me as it turned out for you. Your dress looks lovely! I'm exciting from thinking maybe my dress will look even better in person than in the stock picture.

  2. Japanese used goods are the best; their standard of quality is much higher than other places.

    I've shopped in Closet Child physical stores in Harajuku and Shinjuku, but I ordered from them for the first time and I noticed that it's being held in customs a while and they didn't mark it as personal (or whatever other people have previously stated) but show the actual price and mark it as merchandise, so I don't know what will happen.


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