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LBC: Romantic Coordinate and Happy Valentines!

Happy Valentine's day, you guys!
I know not everyone celebrates it, but since a bunch of my readers do, I suppose I should recognize it a little bit. It seems Denmark is getting more and more into American holidays. It has been mentioned on the news on multiple channels, at least, and they've been talking about romance and stuff. Well, I have a small hope that my date will do a little bit just to create a bit of a fuzzy, romantic atmosphere..

And if I could, I would want to do it dressed in an outfit like the one below!
(smooth transition... Don't say anything! I rocked it!)

This week's Lolita Blog Carnival is, of course, all about da' romance! We had to come up with some romantic coordinate ideas, but I decided to just make one epic outfit!

I wanted to center it around Baby the Stars Shine Bright's "Soirée of the beginning of my memories" print, and to make it extra cheesy, I chose the pink colorway (also in part because I really like the darker pink and pale green accent colors)

This dress reminds me of the romantic courtship back in the day, because of the old-fashioned victorian ball depicted along the bottom. I don't know if it is inspired by a specific book or tale, but it immediately made me think of Pride and Prejudice, the greatest love story ever told
(Romeo and Juliet? Juliet whom? She was like, 12 and wanted to marry a guy she met the night before! Yes, I used my Elsa voice)

Bonnet picture is from Oregon Regency Society.
Because of my "Jane Austen" inspiration, I'd pair it with a regency poke bonnet, or take inspiration from Regency hairstyles. That means putting up your hair in light curls in the back, and curling the hair by your ears. For hair accessories I'd go for pearls, tiaras or pink feathers.

If you want to make your own bonnet to bring a bit of historical romance to your coordinate, I recommend this tutorial! I used it myself, and it's very simple, really. You don't even need to sew!

To keep the regency feel, I'd go for a bolero rather than a blouse. People on the street might not get the feel immediately, but it would be both a nod towards the spencers commonly worn back in the day, and to keep the low neckline of the dresses worn at the balls back then, but add the little round sleeves that were so common.
 I like to put themes in my coordinates, even if they're not immediately recognisable to other people.

For this coordinate, I wouldn't wear typical Lolita shoes, but rather pink kitten heels, as they do more closely resemble shoes worn during the regency. Heels were usually low, and the tips of she shoe could be either pointy or rounded.
For socks, I would use either lace-topped ankle socks, or sheer lace tights, depending on how cute or luxurious you wanna go.

A pair of lace gloves to finish off the coordinate!
For the rest of this coordinate, it depends on your choice of headwear! If one wanted to use the bonnet, I'd keep the jewellery simple. A pendant and light bracelets would be beautiful! If you choose to go with regency hairstyles and such, you can afford to go a bit more heavy.
Pearls and diamonds were popular choices during the regency.

This is my idea of a romantic coordinate! With a touch of period drama!

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