søndag den 7. oktober 2012

Welcome to the Northern Star!

As my first post, I would like to say welcome to my blog! This is a time for new beginnings for me, and for that same reason, I have decided to give this blog a new beginning. For a long time I have been intensely reading a lot of different blogs, and have now found the courage I needed to start my own, especially thank you to the lovely author of Parfaitdoll and her articles on lolita blogging. I hope this blog will be able to inspire new lolitas and be entertaining to the more experienced ones in our fashion as well, and of course, that this blog will be just as inspiring and entertaining for myself to write! I have a long road ahead of me in this new world of The Blogosphere, but I'm excited to get started and hopefully, make this blog grow!

This blog will contain articles on the lolita lifestyle, new trends and new releases, anything and everything lolita! But I will probably also write articles on other curious and magical subjects, books, movies, meet-ups and the like!

I look forward to getting started and hope that you will follow me along the way!

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