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Milanoo: The Lolita's Arch Nemesis

Most lolitas know that when they hear the word "Milanoo", it's time to run far, far away. Milanoo has been around for a long time, and continue to try and win the trust of the lolita community (or wrap them in a net of lies to steal their money until they come back to their senses). For new lolitas, Milanoo is a bit like the troll under the bridge to the Lolita kingdom, trying to drag them down into Ita Land as they cross.

But what is wrong with Milanoo? Why should you not fall into their dark pit?

1. They Steal Photos
Milanoo has a history of stealing photos and claiming that they are their own designs. The above picture is from Milanoo's website, but is in fact Infanta's picture of one of their own designs, the Letter from Paris JSK. Milanoo used the exact same picture! Milanoo used to steal photos and then use their bad photoshop skills to make it look like the dress was floating on a horrible floral background, but it seems like they just don't bother with that anymore, though you can still find a bunch of pictures like that on their website. Also, stealing designs from Taobao brands seem to be their new thing.

2. They have no idea what Lolita is
The above picture was found in their lolita section, and classified as Classic Lolita. They honestly have no idea what is and what isn't Lolita. According to Milanoo, Lolita can even be achieved with a tight pencil skirt. How can you trust a company like that to deliver something lolita appropriate to you? I rest my case.

3. Horrible Designs and Quality
Again, the above dress was classified as Classic Lolita, which should speak for itself. You definetely get what you pay for when it comes to quality. Sometimes, what you receive will not even be wearable or look like the picture you chose from, and sometimes, people never even received anything to throw in the garbage at all! For their stolen brand- and taobao designs, they just don't use proper craftmanship to pull them off. Milanoo sends the design to whatever factory will make it for the cheapest price. Doesn't sound promising, does it?

                                               Picture from Egl.livejournal.com
4. Sockpuppets, Fake Blogs and Stores
Milanoo has been known to create false accounts on the international lolita community, Egl.livejournal.com, and then pretend to be a lolita who has had good experiences with Milanoo or one of their other stores. They are usually easilly recognizable from the same style of horrid english. Also, they have created many false blogs that has also been dedicated to placing Milanoo in a better light, and stealing blog posts from other blogs to seem more legit. Do not trust just any review of Milanoo, as they could have written it themselves!
 Milanoo has multiple online stores, and most of them can be found on this list.

Even if Milanoo delivered products of OK quality that was actually wearable, they still keep persistently lying and claiming other people's designs as their own. Does this seem like the type of company that you would love to support?  

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  1. Apparently, all the bad floral background ones (and a link to report stolen photos) popped up after they were taken to court by david's bridal... but their other sites that aren't named Milanoo still use them!


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