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Indie Brand Interview: Haenuli

For this second indie-brand interview I have had the honor of interviewing the beautiful and talented Korean indie designer, Haenuli, of the brand of the same name! Please enjoy!

Northern Star: Are you a lolita yourself? What inspired you to become a Lolita?

Haenuli: I’ve been wearing Lolita fashion about 8 years, I can’t recall what was motivate me but I knew about Lolita fashion for long times. Also I always love lace, ruffles, pretty butter cup shape skirts. 

NS: What made you decide to become an independent designer of your own lolita brand?

H: When I first knew about Lolita it was around 2000. At that time there’s some independent Lolita shops owned by armatures in Korea. Also Most of Korean lolitas prefer indies shop than Japanese brand pieces. At that time I was a student, making my own Lolita clothing for my self, I was a lone Lolita until 2004. Around 2007 other people suggest me to open a Lolita shop so I opened small armature shop. 

Haenuli's gorgeous Sleeping Beauty print. There are many different colorways, including black(pictured), purple and green!

NS: What do you most enjoy about being an independent designer so far?
H: When my new clothings are goes well with my model, when my customers love my clothing. 
When I got suggestions from Japanese brand to work with them, When national broadcast wants to filming about Lolita fashion, I’m glad I make quality Lolita clothing.

NS: What has been the hardest part of starting your own brand?
H: Haenuli Lolita shop is registered as real business in Korea. When I register my business I have to pay for tax do some paper work. When some Chinese brand copy original prints from other indie shops that gives direct damage to small indies shop. Even though I consider my business as real business still it’s armature hobby shop to most of Lolita.

Haenuli's adorable Lolita Bunny print that, jusk like the Sleeping Beauty JSK, exists in multiple colorways!

NS: How do you find inspiration for new designs?
H: Someday inspiration just hits me. Most of time I just think hard in days, weeks. 

Another one of Haenuli's gorgeous creations

NS: Do you have any idols in the Lolita community?
There are so many beautiful lolitas gives me inspiration at EGL, daily Lolita, tumblr, look book etc. I asked few people to scrap their coordination and post on my Korean blog. I’m always study new trend of Lolita fashion from them. 

Haenuli's "Alice" dress in the Black colorway. There is also a white version!

NS: What do you hope to accomplish with your brand? Do you have any plans for the future?
This year I had a chance to show my work at AWA, Otakon and several more conventions. Right now I’m preparing PMX Lolita fashion show. Next year I hope I could attend those conventions in person. Also I wish there’s Haenuli tag on EGL and daily Lolita(^^)

NS: Do you have any advice for other lolitas out there, who are looking to start their own independent brand?

H: I don’t think I’m in position of give advise… Well when you’re operating your own business there will be a lot of problems you have to solve in professional way. When you try hard enough, you will get what you want eventually.

I would like to, once again, thank Haenuli for taking time off her busy schedule to participate in this interview! 
Haenuli's shop can be found online on Facebook and they also have an online shop.

All pictures in this post are borrowed with permission from Haenuli's facebook page.

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