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Infanta and the Dolly House

Not too long ago, Infanta entered the sweet lolita market with their Sweet Dolly House series, a series that is obviously inspired by many of Angelic Pretty's recent pastel-toy prints. Infanta is a well-established Taobao brand that has for a long time been more focused on classic and kodona styles, but has now branched out to the more sugary-inclined. Even though their series resembles many other OTT-sweet prints, they still put a very unique spin on the design of the dress, in my opinion. The series features a One Piece, a JSK, a skirt, a head-bow, a half-bonnet and something very unusual: A series of bow clips! 

Picture borrowed from Clobbaonline

I am very partial to their OP, even though I usually prefer JSKs. I find that even though mint is not an unusual color in itself in sweet lolita, this particular mint colorway is very unusual, in that it leans more towards a greenish kind of color than a pastel blue. It is a very bright color, and I think it showcases the print the best out of the three different colorways. The scalloped neckline is a very unusual detail, and I really like the corset lacing! It doesn't look overwhelming and is a refreshing nod to more old-school styles. The yellow colorway has pink polkadot ribbon for the bow on the neckline, which I think is a very charming touch! 

Picture from Clobbaonline

The pink and yellow colorways of the JSK has nice lace at the bottom that looks a bit like chiffon, whereas the mint has an unusual kind of lace that to me looks very soft, and might be venetian lace (correct me if I am wrong), but to me it makes the JSK look kind of shredded at the bottom in an "I was chased through the woods" kind of way, haha! I think that the randomly placed bows at the top of the JSK could have been placed better. A small bow at each of the straps would have been enough.
The skirt is very cute and simple with more randomly placed bows that I am not a fan of myself, but otherwise, the skirt looks very full and nice, though a tad on the short side.
Picture from Clobbaonline

I really like the fluffy look of the half-bonnet (though I'm not so sure about the quality of the lace), but the headbow really stood out to me the most. The way it lays flat on the head usually doesn't look good to me, but with this one, I think it looks absolutely adorable, if the bow had just looked a little less like it badly needs to be ironed. I would love to see some more of this kind of bows in the fashion!The cherry hairclip that she is wearing is part of a $10 dollar set that also belongs to this series (though I don't see how cherries and strawberries go with a toy-themed print. Meh, they are cute anyway!)

None of Infanta's dresses can be custom-made right now, so some of us will have to keep our fingers crossed that they give us that option sometime in the future! None the less, I look forward to see what they will come up with next! I really like what we've seen so far!

This series can be purchased at: 
Infanta's Taobao Shop (with a shopping-service)

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