søndag den 16. februar 2014

Mismatched Teacups and Lolita Charades!

Last weekend I went to my local Lolita Circle's february meet, this time in one of our "main event organizer's" flat. For some reason, Sacha tends to be the one to arrange meet-ups with the girls. I don't know why.. I've set myself up to be the one to organize the next meet-up, the next time my turn is the chosen destination!

Sascha lives in a tiny student apartment, just like most of us girls, but we managed to set up a very stylish tea party! We all brought something along to contribute to the event. I was in charge of Chocolate-Marzipan Blondies and entertainment! One of the other girls brought her entire collection of antique teacups along. I just wanted to take them all home! Even if the differences in size meant that a bit of "ninja tactics" were brought into play to secure ourselves a larger cup when someone else wasn't looking, haha..

We had the best time, and I discovered that a surprising amount of girls in my local community was not up-to-date on works of genius, like the Secret Life of the Lolita videos or McMelody Doll! We had a good laugh at that together, and then put our brand-knowledge to a test with a nice game of "Print-Name Charades" that I had put together for the occassion! 
Some cheating occured, but well, I let that pass. Surprising twists came along, like one of the girls guessing "Midsummer Night's Dream", just because she was "cultured" enough to have read Shakespeare! She didn't even know the print!

We stayed inside all afternoon, chatting and gossipping, apart from a small trip out in the cold to take outfit photos. We lined up as the ladies we are, until we one by one sacrificed our bodies to the freezing cold for the sake of the arts. Oh well, cold never bothered me anyway..

In retrospect, I'd have picked a different pair of socks. I just wanted something with flowers.. But we learn as long as we coord, right?

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