onsdag den 19. februar 2014

52 Weeks: The Ways in Which I Do Not Fit the Cliché

This week's 52 Weeks Lolita Challenge is one that I was looking forward to, as I thought that "this is gonna be fun and interesting!" but, well, I actually found it to be a lot tougher than I thought it was gonna be. Of course I fart and burp like any normal person- even if the ladies' in us want to deny it.

But these are a couple of things that I, specifically, do or enjoy, that are not very "Lolita"-like.

1. My taste in games
According to the Lolita stereotype, as I see it, a "proper" Lolita is supposed to enjoy games like "Animal Crossing" or various japanese romantic RPG's. The Classic and Gothic Lolita are not as such known to be gamers, but more the 'bookish types'
I, personally, like games where you get to go on an adventure, or shape the story by your decision. Some of my favorites include Assassins Creed, Skyrim and, as of recently, "The Walking Dead"! All of these are games with a lot of killing. A bit of blood. And for the last one, a LOT of guts. Literally.

2. Looking Picture Perfect. At All Times.
I do not. I really, really do not. At least half the week, I go sans make-up. My hair is messy, my clothes tend to be whatever I find to be closest to me when I open the closet. There is only one reason for this: I bike to school every other day to stay in shape, which means biking 18 kilometers each way. To be able to do this, I have to get up pretty early, and I need to be comfortable along the way. And I value my sleep too much to get up even earlier to have the time to fix myself up when I get there! I don't need to impress anyone, and I'm comfortable. Why should I?

3. Constant Closet Renewal.
The "Perfect Lolita" always has something in the mail, both going out, but especially coming home. It doesn't have to be directly from a brand store; It can be a GIANT Taobao order (The cheaper, the more stuff!) or a couple or 5 pieces from Closetchild, the comm sales or Yahoo JP. I find this to be one of the most innacurate aspects of the Lolita stereotype, and seriously also one of those that could make new Lolitas feel sub-par. As if they're not commited enough to the fashion! To some people, constant purchasing is just not an option, even if you work your frilly butt off. As a student with a job, and a Lolita on a budget, my wardrobe grows very, very slowly. On average I acquire about 2 or so new pieces a year, and usually, my order consists of 1 dress and maybe a matching accessory, like 2-3 pairs of socks and a matching bonnet. It's not that I do not want to buy stuff, you know? I just dislike being broke. There's nothing as scary as an empty wallet when you have to support yourself! 

The Lifestyle Lolita ideal can be very scary and limiting to a lot of new Lolitas. Many Lolitas strive to free themselves from the unattainable ideals of mainstream society, but truth be told, the ideals of Lolita world are just as limiting and fake as the ones we see in mainstream magazines.

A skinny girl, 1,5 m. tall with the perfect Juliette and Justine measurements and a "Day Dream Carnival" wallet heavy with yen, who lives in a pink world of limited edition "Sailor Moon" merch and french pastries with a cherry on top?
Thank you, but no thank you! If that is you, that's just fine, and I hope you appreciate your luck! But not everyone has that, and not everybody would be happy like that.

Some girls like guns, brains and look like a catfish when they wake up in the morning. 

That's life, and thank god for that!

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