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LBC: Something in My Life that I've Lolitafied

I've been a bit back and forth on, whether or not I was gonna participate in this week's Lolita Blog Carnival theme, in which we have to talk about something in our lives that we've changed to fit the Lolita aesthetic, which is pretty much a different way to say the exact same thing as what the theme says.

The reason I've been unsure if I should participate in this theme, is because that at first, I was pretty sure I'd "Lolitafied" something. Of course, I must have, right?!
Yesterday it hit me, that no, actually I haven't. What I thought I'd Lolitafied was actually "Lolitafied" due to other interests of mine. That something happens to be "Lolita-appropriate" is not the same thing as a lolitafication, in my opinion.

I'm actually not a huge fan of Lolitafication, unless we're talking clothing items and accessories.
I can see how somebody would dress up, and then feel like it was just not "fitting" to be carrying a shiny steel iPhone around. In that case, I can see how someone would want to make a nicer looking cover for their phone. Maybe a little purse with bows and lace. 

But that is very different from what I think of, when I think of "lolitafying something in your life". What I think of, is people changing their life, in spite of their actual tastes, to suit the Lolita lifestyle. Wanting to be a "proper Lolita", in spite of who you actually are. 
Lolita becomes a sort of "masquerade" for that person.

Lolitafication in that sense, can be everything from changing your decor from what you actually feel at home in, to a lacy, frilly world inspired by the Lolita bibles or the infamous "Lolita Rooms"-posting spree on EGL, just to fit in with the "perfect Lolitas".
Or deciding to give up a sport that you like, because "It's not ladylike to play sports, anyway! That's what Momoko said, after all!"

Mind you, I'm not talking about people who discover a new world of things to love, through Lolita! I'm talking about people who change themselves to fit the Lolita aesthetic, and as a result, cages themselves in a life that they do not really thrive in.

So no, I've not "lolitafied" anything in my life. I actually haven't. My sense of decor, and my hobbies, just happens to fit the Lolita aesthetic, due to other interests I have. The same interests that got me into Lolita in the first place. Also, Lolita has added some interests to my own repertoire, like sewing, and it has given me the inspiration to pick up a couple of books that I otherwise wouldn't.

Let Lolita inspire you. Do not let it take over, and keep you from things that you enjoy.
Peace out!

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