onsdag den 26. februar 2014

52 Weeks: Purses That I Love

This week's "52 Weeks" challenge is a very "chill" one, and though quite appropriate, as spring is approaching here in the northern hemisphere. To a lot of Lolitas, that means spring cleaning! Spring cleaning of their closets, that is. What better way to celebrate that than to browse the interwebs for new items for this years Lolita collections?
As the owner of a sad little collection of no more than 3 purses, this topic is one that I've been starving for.

Personally, I have a weakness for purses that do not look like purses, so that's what I'll be hunting for. I'm gonna put the links to the stuff I find throughout the post!

To me, it adds a lot to the feel of a coordinate, if the bag is like a prop to the story your outfit is telling. Giant candy or biscuit bags, like the one above from taobao, gives an "Alice in Wonderland" or "Strawberry Shortcake" feel. As if you were a tiny princess in a land of giant sweets!

The same goes for treasure chests, crowns, or bags camouflaged as books! They're not "just" a purse. 
One of the famous Alice and the Pirates book purses!
Someday you will be mine. Just wait.
The newest bag in my collection is a purse made from a book. It was made by NovelCreations on Etsy! She goes out and purchases old books, and turns them into purses. If you want, you can get the pages that she removed as well. I wanted the "Jane Eyre" purse that she listed in her shop, but you can also request to have a specific book turned into a purse for you!

Another cute find from Taobao!
I also have a bit of a weakness for bags that look like musical instruments. It adds a bunch of elegance to a classic or gothic coord, IMO. I already have a violin bag, but it only kind of looks like a violin, and it's really worn. It just doesn't look good anymore. I need a new one!

So many bags I need. So little money! Well, I guess it just needs to go on my "To-Buy" List. Whether we like it or not, a good bag completes a coord, even more than a nice parasol does.

I hope this post inspired you girls a little bit, when it comes to what your closet needs this coming spring!

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