mandag den 10. februar 2014

52 Weeks: Bloomers or no Bloomers?

Let's pretend it's still Sunday, as I put up this week's Lolita Blog Challenge post, OK? Just play along, for my sake. Real life and all, ya know.. *cough*
This week's theme I just hadn't seen coming, so I really grinned when I read what was next to number 28 on my list of themes. 
But that also says a lot about how overlooked bloomers actually are, as a part of Lolita fashion!

Personally, I am a huge fan of bloomers, for multiple reasons. Many people prefer to wear bloomers, simply for practical reasons. In a fashion that is mainly based on skirts with a lot of.. open space underneath, that is kept in place by luxuriously flowy layers of light fabrics, you're bound to get into situations where the skirt will say "Shoosh!" and suddenly a gust of air turned your skirt upside down, so you look like a walking icecream cone instead of a cute little bell, and granted everybody the sight of your underwear. In such a situation, bloomers can save your dignity in a pinch.
The simple task of walking up a flight of stairs gets slightly uncomfortable as well, if you aren't at least wearing a pair of shorts underneath. 
And admittedly, bloomers are just about 20 times cuter.

I wear shorts for the reasons stated above, but even if shorts make a nice enough substitute, a pair of proper bloomers are somewhere near the top of my "To-Buy list". 
But why would I spend money on something that I really don't NEED? I have something that works in it's place, and bloomers are not really part of the RULES or anything. They're not even visible, most of the times!

Here's why!
I think bloomers are a very interesting aspect of Lolita fashion as, as far as I'm concerned, Lolita is the only subculture that has developed in such a way, that it even has appropriate and characteristic underwear! It's kind of symbolic, in a sense. Bloomers are not meant to be seen by anyone, except on accident. Well, some bloomers are made long on purpose so that you will be able to see just a little bit of the lace sticking out beneath the hem of your skirt. It adds a bit of extra charm. 
But most bloomers are made short enough today, that it's clear that they're really just meant to be known by you, and only you. 
It goes to show, that Lolita is something that you are. It's not just about what other people see. 
It's something that you identify as.

I just feel a lot more "Lolita" when I'm wearing bloomers. It makes me feel good, to be Lolita from the inside and out, if that makes sense. 
Bloomers are adorable, frilly, and just for you to enjoy! Also, they make the very best lounge wear!

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  1. I wasn't a big fan of bloomers at the beginning, but they are super comfy to wear around the house too! It keeps you warm in the winter and look cute. I also have a pair of lacey shorts that I got from Charlotte Russe that works well as "bloomers" for shorter skirts/jsks~


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