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My Favorite Lolita Documentaries and other videos

Even though I've been a Lolita for a couple of years now and am pretty sure I know what those strange rufflebutts are all about, I still enjoy relaxing to a lolita documentary now and then. It's interesting to observe how different Lolitas from different parts of the world, or even within the same country, describe lolita fashion to outsiders- What they find to be important and defining characteristics of Lolita as a community, and the fashion in itself.

Here are a couple of the documentaries I relax to, in no particular order. I list the countries, though, just to bring some perspective!
Happy watching!

Lace and Petticoats

Lolita in Translation

A French "documentary" brought as part of the show "Hors Serie" (multiple parts)

Sugar Coated

Lifestyle of Goth-Loli Girls

And last but not least, the first Lolita documentary I watched:

I find "LoliGirls" to be a bit different, as it puts a lot of emphasis on the spiritual part of being a lolita- not something that every lolita can identify with. To me, it brings back a bunch of nostalgia and I still watch it for fun, time and time again.

I hope you were as entertained as I continue to be by these documentaries!

Here are a couple of links to other interesting Lolita related videos and channels that I recommend:

The link speaks for itself. Major culture clash!

Princess Peachie's Youtube channel
She makes a bunch of cute and informative videos. Great for beginners! This decription actually also fits Shelby Cloud's Youtube Channel

True video-wizards, through and through! Also makes trailers for Haenuli!

Lovely Lor's Youtube Channel
Very entertaining with a lively personality!

The perspective of multiple styles on one channel!

And for the more gothically influenced (and maybe even if you're not) I recommend:
Gothic Charm School's Youtube Channel
The Lady of the Manners also has a website (and she has written a book of the same name) where she gives out advice to goths of all shapes, sizes and ages, but I find myself slowly nodding in agreement and recognition when reading her posts on life as an excentrically dressed individual. Give it a try!

Do you have a link or two to some videos that you enjoy but I might not have seen yet? Let me know in the comments!

3 kommentarer :

  1. I really love Lolita in Translation, it was the first Lolita Documentary I have ever seen! =D

  2. Here's some more links!
    How to tie a bow (vital to any lolita): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uf0sLU9jVeE
    Tokyo Fashion Express feature on lolita: http://youtu.be/BVeKzdqnxB8
    Tall lolita tips (in Russian with Eng subs): http://youtu.be/oHMpXGg8-HI

    1. Hey, these are pretty awesome!! Especially the "How to Tie a Bow" one! I really need to practice that myself, and that's a lot easier when you can actually see what's going on, haha! :D And I'm 5'9, so I know how important tips for tall lolitas are!


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