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LBC: What My Family Thinks About Lolita Fashion

Welcome to yet another week of carnical festivities and fun here on "The Star"!
This weeks topic is "What my Family Thinks About Lolita Fashion".
(And it's gonna be my last post before I go to England for the Doctor Who 50th anniversary! Yay! If there are any Whovians out there and you recognize me or something, please say hi!)

Back on topic!
If you are not one of the lucky few whose parents adore your Lolita clothes, there could be a huge variety of reasons they dislike it. Usually it would probably have to do with how different it looks, how it could scare other people away, etc. Which is also part of the dislike I am experiencing from my family.
I've been wearing Lolita for about 3 years now, and for the first 2-2½ years I lived with my parents and wore it on a daily basis.
 (Wearing Lolita every day is a lot easier when you take the buss/walk to school.)

Back then, I guess my parents pretty much just dealt with it. I insisted on dressing up every morning in tophats and bows, and I even wore it when I went out with them to eat dinner and anything else. 
Frustratingly enough, it seems that my mom slowly got fed up with it. In the beginning, she claimed that she liked how I dressed, even if it was a bit formal for her tastes. Then she disliked my shoes. Then my bows. Then she no longer wanted to be seen with me in it. It has gone steadily downhill from then, to her now trying to passive-aggressively talk me out of wearing Lolita all together, by making comments on my Facebook photos along the lines of "You look so much prettier in the one with your normal clothes!"

If you cannot tell, it does bother me a bit, and I let her know. I think her behavior is a mixture of her plain dislike for my clothes, and her worrying that Lolita might scare potential future son-in-laws away. I wouldn't expect that she's be able to understand the "not with boyfriends in mind" aspect of dressing in Lolita fashion.

My dad is a lot more open-minded, but that might have something to do with my rarely wearing it when I go somewhere with him, mostly because being around him and going out usually involves a lot of biking. But back when I lived with him, he didn't comment on it much. He once said that it makes me look bigger than I am, which I understand as he is not used to petticoats. I can see past that and see the smaller waist that the contrast creates, but apparently he can't. He has also claimed that I'm trying to "become a tiny asian girl" by wearing Lolita, which I found to be a lot more frustrating- Who said that I dislike being European? I just like pretty clothes!
But there is a logical explanation- He witnessed my very embarassing weaboo age, and well, I was very overweight too. Which would explain his emphasis on how "tiny" asian girls are.
Recently he has been more open to understanding where I'm coming from and how beautiful it makes me feel, which I appreciate.

My brother hasn't said anything for years, though in the beginning he insisted on refering to it as a costume, and the rest of my family doesn't comment on it at all. I guess they accept it, and may have gotten used to it.

That would be the general attitudes from my family.
To me, acceptance is more important than them "liking it". I deal with the passive-aggressiveness from my mom, but I might try to confront her with it again soon. It's getting old..
The rest, I can live with. The least family could do, in my opinion, is accept each others' clothing choices. People in general should care less about other people's choices, as long as they're not harming anyone.

Peace out?

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