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Review: Corset from Timeless Trends!

For Christmas, my mom surprised me with a present I would never have foreseen: She bought me a corset, which I've been wanting for ages (literally!)

My new corset is from the company Timeless Trends, and it is a White Silk Floral Corset.

The corset feels heavy and sturdy, and the boning is definetely steel, just as it is written on their website.

The ribbon is smooth, but doesn't feel cheap or flimsy. It feels like it will hold up just fine for a while, even under pressure. The fabric is nice. It's smooth, but thick.

The corset feels great on, and bends comfortably to my shape. It provides good support for my posture (haha!). It's a bit short on me, but I'm very tall, so that's probably the reason. I'll just have to go for one of their longer corsets next time!

The only thing this corset is lacking, is more a matter of taste,  I think. I would have liked for it to have a modesty panel in the back, but as I will be wearing it under my clothes as undergarments (on top of a white tanktop), I don't think it will be too much of an issue. 

All in all, I think Timeless Trends corsets are a great value for the price! I don't think there's such a thing as "beginner's corsets", but I would recommend Timeless Trends for anyone who want to find out if corsets are for them. 
They're a very different experience from the cheap costume corsets I have tried on before! 
Not that that is surprising to me at all, but they're just not comparable at all!

If I need a new corset at some point in the future, I will check out Timeless Trends again.

Do you have any recommendations for me? 
I would also like to hear some more experienced corset-wearers' experiences with this company!

Finally, here's a picture of me wearing the corset!

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  1. I really like Timeless Trends corsets and bought a few (I think 4?) corsets from them back when they were a relatively new company! They hold up very well, and even when I was wearing corsets daily I usually chose one of their underbusts to wear because they were so comfortable. They have a few downsides, being off-the-rack corsets, such as the relatively short length, but as far as off-the-racks go I think they're really the best you can get (especially for the price! Many shops that sell off-the-rack corsets for literally hundreds of dollars are just selling TT's $100 corsets!).

    I prefer a corset without a modesty panel btw! They're always such a hassle for me to get straight, I'd rather just wear something under the corset (which you should be doing anyways), some shops sell what are basically tube tops for just your midsection for wearing under corsets.

    1. As I'm really tall, I was kind of worried that it would be too short on me, but I think that it works out fine, surprisingly enough! I'm really glad to know that for an off-the-rack corset, I chose a good company as my first one. It was really important for me that I got something that was good quality, but not extremely expensive. Good to hear from someone with experience that I got good value for the price :)

      I can imagine that a modesty panel could be annoying to deal with if it doesn't just lay flat and straight by itself. I hadn't thought about that!

      Thank you for your comment! It was really helpful! :)


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