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LBC: Who Inspires You in Lolita Fashion?

This week's topic in the wonderful world of the Lolita Blog Carnival is "Who Inspires You in Lolita Fashion?"

I've got a couple of people I'd like to list, for various reasons. Few of these inspire my style as such, but they inspire me in a couple other ways that I feel are linked to my participation in this fashion.

Jillian Venters aka. The Lady of the Manners
When I first started out in Lolita fashion, I stumbled upon Jillian Venter's online guide "Gothic Charm School", and decided to give it a read. Before I knew of it, I had fallen into the book completely and there was no getting out. I read post after post, and before I knew of it, I had read everything she had written about what it's like to be different, how to deal with disapproving parents, how to deal with school as an excentrically dressed teen etc. I even bought her book and I must've read it 8 times! 
Truth be told, Jillian Venters was my handbook, instead of the traditional "Lolita Handbook" on livejournal. 
She didn't teach me how to dress, but she did teach me how to "deal with it". 
She was a major influence on my Lolita life!

Victoria Suzanne
I'm pretty sure that no matter who in the Lolita community you ask, everybody knows who Victoria Suzanne is, even if only by her blog name, Parfaitdoll (or back in the good ol' days, Lolita-Charm).
Even if she hasn't been a style-influence to me, she did talk me into trying out Lolita for myself. Her inspirational posts grabbed me by the heart and pulled me straight into a pile of frills. It was her posts on being true to yourself, loving yourself and that anybody can be a princess, that convinced me that Lolita could be for me, and in general was part of what shaped my mind-set when it comes to how I perceive Lolita. 
Even if I do not agree with her on everything, the lessons I learned from her still stands: 
Anybody can be Lolita, anybody can be a princess, and we have the right to decide for ourselves!

Walt Disney
Walt Disney obviously did not dress in Lolita, but he has been a great influence on me, indirectly, I guess you could say. His imagination and obvious love for good stories are the reasons we have been able to enjoy stunning movies and charming characters, like Cinderella and our beloved Alice in Wonderland! The worlds he has created has been a great influence on me, both style-wise but also in the way I see Lolita. When I dress up in Lolita, I feel like I become the heroine of a Walt Disney movie.
I have a feeling this is also the reason brands like Baby the Stars Shine Bright and Angelic Pretty has done so many collaborations with Disney!

The above are just 3 of the most important influences on my Lolita life! 
Of course I also have a soft spot for Momoko from Kamikaze Girls, Misako Aoki's fashion sense etc., but they haven't influenced me in the same major way.

Wanna get to know some more inspirational personalities?
Check out some of the links below!

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