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52 Weeks: 5 Movies for Lolitas

This week's 52 Week's Blogging Challenge is gonna be number 2, "5 Movies for Lolitas"!
To spice things up a little bit, I'm not gonna mention "Kamikaze Girls" more than this one time. That would be too easy. Instead, I'm gonna focus on 5 movies that put myself in the mood to dress up and twirl around in my frills. 

1. "Interview with the Vampire"
This one pretty much wrote itself. It was the first movie that came to my mind. Lestat's wicked charm, Louis' moody elegance and Claudia's adorable but depressing crazy makes for a great story that any Gothic Lolita or Classic Lolita with a flair for the darkly elegant should give a shot. Sit down with a cup of tea a cold winter evening and let yourself overflow with emotion!
( Mind you, the book is even better!)

2. "Marie Antoinette" by Sofia Coppola
Even if my history teacher had to curl his toes in horror at this film, I found it quite charming. It might not be entirely historically accurate ( I found that it was pretty d*mn close, though!) and puts too much emphasis on decadence, but it's a great story none the less that depicts the "Ultimate Lolita Lifestyle™". I recommend arranging a movie night with your Lolita friends. Make a bunch of tea and macaroons, lounge about in your frilliest pyjamas together and pop in this movie!

3. "Pride and Prejudice"
This list would be incomplete without Pride and Prejudice on the list. Keira Knightley seems to be the female lead in most historical movies about strong and independent women, but that might just be because she does a fantastic job! Elizabeth Bennett is a role model for any aspiring Lolita when it comes to independence and confidence, though she is not without her flaws. She is a very well-written character, and this story just keeps being charming and relevant throughout the ages. There is a reason Jane Austen's works are immortal!
I also recommend reading the book. Jane Austen's sass is still spot on even after 200 years.

4. "Legally Blonde"
This movie is perfect for Lolitas, even if it is not as frilly as the movies above. It has twice the amount of pink to make up for it, though! This movie is all about how you can be feminine, clever and succesful at the same time, and how you can achieve the most if you strive to be your own person and do things your own way.

5.  "Jane Eyre"
Gloomy and romantic are two of the words I'd use to describe this story. It's a very moving story, and shows how a girl can be strong, insist on being herself and overcome a difficult life. That, and it's got an element of mystery that keeps you on your toes through the entire film! I strongly recommend it to anybody that likes darker historical films.

These are a couple of the films I love that I find to be the most "Lolita". 
Do you have any movies that you'd like to recommend? Let me know in the comments!

Oh, and check out the list of the 52 Topics that I have to get through to find out which I've already done!

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