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A New Life-Chapter, A Frilly Rebirth, A Reborn Blog

I just experienced sort of a "lolita rebirth", you could say.
And that is what this post is gonna be about. Ultimately. But first, Here's a lot of personal stuff.

Since last year, a last pile of things have been thrown at me; enough that it almost feels like a decade, and I know that I have become a different person since then. I barely recognize the young, frilly girl who started this blog!

Since then I have returned to Denmark from the states, and shortly after settling in in my new home in the other end of the country, I decided that it was time to pack up my life and move into my own place. I have made myself a comfortable home, a mix of retro 90's stuff (a fancy expression for old electronics from when I was a kid and given to me by my grandparents so that I can keep up with the outside world) and beautiful antiques, just the way I like it. I like my furniture to have a bit of history- It's fun to imagine who must've been sitting in my couch before a poor student decided to bury it in books and homework. 

Since I moved out it feels like time has been flying past- Summer came and went, and I don't remember half of it. I guess I went to a meet-up or two with the girls. At least that's what the pictures in my Facebook album tells me- and I finally got to meet up with my local lolita circle, too! Truth be told, I was kind of worried that I wouldn't fit in. You know how rumors can be. I was told that the girls in the circle up here would be less engaged in the fashion, and more of a cosplay bunch, and as much as I admire talented cosplayers and how they are capable of turning fiction into reality, I cannot sew a button back onto a shirtcuff to save my life!

The rumors were quite wrong. Yes, most of the lovely girls and guys are into fictional culture- But the "fiction" that they are into are TV-series are mostly fandoms that I am absorbed by as well, and their humor is as wacky and dorky as I like it! We had a wonderful and hilarious day in "The Old Town in Aarhus", a small old-timey town inside the second largest city in Denmark with people in period costumes (We fit right in.. Well, that's what people seemed to think), and we had a great bunch of fun in the new 70's section, recognizing stuff from our grandparents' homes. Well, I guess that's another way of getting to know each other! I cannot wait to meet up with them again. I have been considering setting up a "Thor 2" cinema meet-up, so I guess it's gonna be very soon.
Moral of the story? Lolitas are, and will always be, a diverse bunch! We're not seperated into groups of weaboos and classy girls- Don't listen to rumors. Ever. Unless there is a chance that you're gonna get hurt.

Since the meet-up in Aarhus, I've pretty much been living the life of a person locked in a cabin in the woods, when it comes to my lolita life. I've had plenty of social interaction, but it's all been revolving around my new life as a university student. I got into the local university, and will be spending the next 5 years studying history- I will preferably end up with a degree, with Italian renaissance and Leonardo da Vinci as my special field. This first semester is one that I just have to live through- It's a shared semester with a bunch of other kind-of-relevant-but-kind-of-not subjects that we just have to learn- economics, politics.. if I were a pokémon, those would be the Squirtles to my Charmander. Marx and I are never gonna be friends- his theories are way too complicated.
The constant parties in between studies should be very welcome breaks from all of this- but if you're like me, they're really not. I'll never be fond of going out at night, squishing through packs of drunk youngsters trying to get to the bar, and purchasing over-priced drinks.

 I miss my picnics and my skirts.. And that was when the BTSSB sale happened. 
And I fell in love all over again. I hadn't worn lolita for months, but I decided to treat myself, because hey, do I deserve it!? I've evolved so much this past year; I got a job, I'm a university student, I got through my first school project. Frankly, I've done pretty darn good. And here I am. I've become a frilly grown-up!

I never purchased anything from the BTSSB sale, actually. I probably would've, a year or so ago- It's cheap brand, after all! But I went for a gorgeous infanta dress instead. The one in the top picture. 
Why is this an important point? It's actually quite simple. I've evolved above caring what anybody else thinks. I thought I didn't care before, but now I recognize that I did. And maybe I still do a little bit, but in a different way. I don't care about brand or offbrand, the way I did before, when I was kind of influenced by the general consensus in this fashion, that brand is supreme. Brand really doesn't matter- what matters is spending your money on stuff that you actually love. And currently, I'm kind of bored with what the brands put out- But very impressed with the originality that the Taobao brands show! You go, little chinese brands! You go!

When it comes to wearing lolita in my daily life, among "regular people", I used to be a rebel. 
I wore lolita because I could, and sometimes because I wanted to insist on my right that I should be able to, no matter what! Even if it made other people uncomfortable. I still think it is silly, but now I recognize that it's more difficult for some people than others to deal with the extra attention.

 Now I'm truly wearing lolita for me, in spite of what others might think. 
Because I think I look gorgeous when I do, and that's when I feel my best.

 And I'm back. Not back to a regular posting schedule, as I discovered that forcing out blogposts will do no good for anyone- But I'm back.

Hello, readers! And welcome to a more freely run and more personal "Northern Star"!

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