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Lolita Blog Carnival: My Perfect Lolita Halloween Party

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I've recently had the pleasure of becoming part of the Lolita Blog Carnival, a blogging society for lolitas that come up with the most fun and inspiring blogging ideas! In this case, many minds really do think better than one! This week, it was decided by a great majority of excited votes that the very seasonally appropriate topic would be "Your Perfect Lolita Themed Halloween Party"!

So, let's let our imagination run wild, shall we?

My perfect lolita-themed halloween party would of course take place in the ballroom of an old victorian manor, with elegant but sumptous decor. The darker the better, Addams-family style! Everyone would be seated in groups at small tables spread out across the hall, with a set of cards at each table. The cards would be halloween- and lolita themed conversation starters with questions to ask, or topics to discuss- Something like "What is your best Halloween memory?"
The party would need a curtained stage for entertainment, and a small catwalk in the middle of the stage, of course. The buffet would be a dark but elegant take on small finger foods. One could play around with some food colouring to make purple damask patterns on the sandwiches or something like that! Of course there would be huge, decorated cakes for dessert. Three-layer wedding cakes, decorated with spiderwebs, raggedy bows and lace!

Now, with the setting done, let's invite some girls and guys and get to the activities! The guests would receive their invitations by hand, handed out to them by a hired actor in a gothic costume, to set the mood. And in that envelope, they would receive a small task to complete- A chance to actively participate in the preparation of the night's fun!
What would a perfect party be without entertainment?
Before the party, everyone would have been split into smaller groups, with whom they should prepare a small play to show on stage. The theme for each play would be a different well-known horror story, like Frankenstein or Dracula, but the group should make a modern lolita-themed take on the classic! How fun would it be to watch a play where a girl at a meet-up turned out to be a werewolf, or a crazy lolita tried to create her own Mr. Yan in a secret basement?

Later in the evening, a costume contest would be held. Of course poofy but creepy costumes would be the dresscode for the evening. Anyone who wanted to participate in the competition, would get to show their horror-themed coordinate on stage, and then anonymous voting would take place, with a price for the winner. The price at my ideal party would be something fun- Like a ticket to something, or a trip somewhere! Maybe a ticket to the Phantom of the Opera musical?

Afterwards, people would get to explore the grounds of the old victorian mansion further- A treasure hunt! New teams would be made, and then everyone would be let outside to go look for clues and complete little tasks to get to the prize, with horrific surprises along the way- Ghosts and vampires would jump out and scare the petticoats of the participants, and little props and sound-effects should be spread out throughout the hunt!
A night-time race through a labyrinth to get to a prize in the middle would also be fun, with scary things around every corner!

The evening would end with another round of prizes to the lucky ones who first completed the hunt, and then the rest of the mansion would be opened up for everyone to go take outfit photos and the like in the other rooms of the old house. There is nothing like an opportunity to make memories in beautiful surroundings- Especially after something that in my imagination turned out to be one of the most exciting evenings! Now, could somebody just get me a victorian mansion already!?

Want to crash another Lolita-Themed Halloween Party? Let's see what the other blogs are imagining!

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