onsdag den 30. oktober 2013

This is Halloween, This is.. Christmas!

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Happy early Halloween, people!
Tomorrow is my first Halloween in my own home, and luck has it that I'll be working all night. Not that I'm complaining as I will be doing what I love, with a Halloween-twist to it (and I will probably be able to wear my frills to work for once, too!) 
I just had some other stuff planned, but that's the perfect excuse to have two Halloweens in a row! As some of the more gothically inclined out there know, there is no Holiday Police maintaining a legal limit as to how many Halloweens you may have.

Tonight I will finish up all my studies early, read through my homework as a tornado and wrap up my projects early, so I will finally get to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas! I've really wanted to watch that movie for years. I could slap myself- A huge Tim Burton fan, but never watched his most iconic work! but I've been stubborn- I needed the perfect night to do it! 
Work stole my Halloween, so I will just have to make my own.

My official Halloween night I will be spending in an old victorian house.
As some of you might know, I work at the local historical museum, and tomorrow we keep the doors open to kids and adults with Halloween-themed workshops. Stuff for the children in the early evening, and some stuff for the older kids later at night, with some horror stories and the like. 
As usual, I will mainly keep the shop and information booth occupied, but if everything goes the way it usually does, I will get to participate in the festivities as well! Help out the kids, shop for treats etc. 
And all of this probably dressed in a Victorian Vampire-inspired Lolita outfit. (Gotta keep the historical inspiration! And work my way through all of the clichés I didn't get to try out as a kid!) 
Lolita might not be a costume, but Halloween will be a free-pass to wearing it. Hopefully without catcalling or unwelcome parazzis.

But first of all, there is tonight!
 It will be the perfect "transfer" from the spooky time of Halloween to my biggest love of every year- Christmas! The shops have already moved the ghosts to clearance and put up the christmas stockings and expensive christmas truffles for sale- Seeing that makes me strangely excited to go grocery shopping, even if I'm too much of an Auntie Scrooge to buy anything.

Enough of me rambling- My point is,
I hope you have a night of splendid Nightmares before Christmas season catches on!

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  1. SOunds like your going to have a Halloween blast! :-D I feel like watching a ton of Halloween movies and the Nightmare before christmas is one of them :-) Hope all workshops go well ;-) Dying to see pics of your outfit ;-)


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