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Lolita Secret Santa

December is seriously my favorite month of the year. I love the warm atmosphere, the annual baking of christmas cookies together with my family, picking out a christmas tree, decorating it all together and watching the 24 episode christmas series in tv every night until christmas eve. What I also love is the annual Secret Santa tradition that my local Lolita community has made! Actually, I have yet to be able to participate. This year I can't because I'm in the US and won't return to Denmark until mid-December! But I've been looking around and doing a lot of thinking so that I'm well prepared for next years fun! This is my list for all of you Lolita Secret Santas out there, or those of you who want to shower your Lolita friend or significant other with little surprises throughout December! I tried to include something for everybody. Happy holidays!

1. Chocomint hairclips or rings are perfect for the OTT Sweet Lolita or those who just love a little sugar in their lives! Chocomint accessories are relatively inexpensive even though they're fancy and popular (Most is below $10.) 
Similar accessories can be found in this shop!

2. Cute soaps are a lovely little piece of luxury! They can be found in all kinds of shapes. My favorites are ones that look like cookies or biscuits. These days I am in love with the ones from Mrs. Brown's Bath Bakery.

3. Most everybody has a cell phone these days, so finding a cell phone charm that fits your Lolita friend's style should be easy. A dessert-shaped charm for a sweet Lolita, an elegant silver cross for your gothic Lolita friend, or one that looks like a victorian tea cup for a classic Lolita!

4. Deco'ing (is that a verb?) is very popular these days, so how about surprising your friend with a creative gift of decoden supplies? Decoden is not just an excuse for the sweet Lolita to cover everything in fake whipped cream (as much as we love that!)
 You can find Gothic and Classic Lolita chique decoden too, with ornaments like elegant roses and rhinestones!

5. It is no secret that Lolitas take time getting ready, and a pocket-sized mirror is essential for touching up make-up when you're out and about! If your friend doesn't already have a fancy mirror, it would be a very thoughtful gift!

5. Antique tea cups or picture frames are charming, inexpensive gifts! In general, going antiquing for a Secret Santa present could be a good idea, especially if your friend is a Classic Lolita with a love for the victorian and romantic. Your friend will get something unique and at the same time know that you put effort into finding something just for them! 

6. If your friend is not allergic to them, scented candles are very charming! You can find them in all kinds of creative scents, from sweet cupcakes to flowers. 

7. You knew this was coming: Home-baked goodies! Anything from cookies or macarons to a caramel apple would probably make your friend very happy if he or she has a sweet tooth. You can wrap it all up in a way that suits your friends style, with a cute and secretive note, or cut the cookies out in cute or spooky shapes!

In general, things that you've made yourself, be it jewelry, a headbow, a short-story or some kind of artwork, are always extra special! I warmly recommend sharing your talent with other people in this way, if you are in any way creatively inclined!

I hope that my list above inspired you to get out there and spread some happiness and holiday spirit! Good luck staying "Secret" until Christmas Day!
Merry Early Christmas!

Original Picture is by Baby the Stars Shine Bright

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