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My very special Thanksgiving

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I'm gonna be out of town for a couple of days, like so many other people, to enjoy my very special American Thanksgiving with my host parent's family! Which sadly means that there won't be any posts on Thursday/Friday and Sunday, but fear not! I will still be writing posts while I'm gone, the old-fashioned pen and paper way, if my host parents don't succeed in dragging me away from my corner all the time, and I will start updating at my regular schedule again when I get back, which I will be on Monday!

Well, what am I thankful for on this, my official American Thanksgiving, apart from my family and friends and good health? 

I am very thankful that I got to go to the US for so long! It has helped me grow a lot as a person. My stay is soon over, but I got to meet so many wonderful people, including a local Lolita community that is so different from my own, but all very welcome and sweet! I look forward to one final adventure with you girls, if all go well! I am also very thankful that despite the fact that I've been away from my own, local community for so long, I have not been forgotten! I still have a lovely community to go home to, and I miss them all dearly!

I am very thankful that my love for Lolita is still going strong, and that it has served to fuel my interest in historical fashions and history in general, so that I am more sure than ever that history is what I want to go to the university to study, and a topic that I want to continue to pursue for many years to come! Even when I grow out of Lolita, which I probably will sooner or later, though  hopefully later, I will continue to keep a part of this lovely fashion with me, through my interest in the history that inspired Lolita in the first place.

In the smaller category, I am thankful that I recently rediscovered my love for Taobao, and that I with the help of my hostmom has lost enough weight that I can start looking at brandpieces and will not actually need the customsize option on Taobao as much! My trip to the US finally gave me the push that I needed to lose weight and become so much more healthy and happy! I feel more confident than before, and that Brand sizes are a lot more Me-friendly now than I thought they would be, is of course only a nice plus. 

I am thankful that I have accepting parents who, while they do not like Lolita fashion and would rather see me dress like a "normal girl", do not demand that I quit and they never have. I am also thankful that my host parents have been the same way during my stay! I have not had as much time to dress up as I had hoped I would, but when I did have time, I have been able to dress up to the nines with no disapproving looks thrown my way!

On a fully unrelated note: I am so thankful that I have been introduced to Doctor Who during my stay! I will continue watching when I go home! It is a lot less complicated to follow than I had thought it would be, even if I have missed about 50 or so years of the series. 
I think a Doctor Who JSK will be one of my first Lolita related sewing projects.

And last, but not least: I am so thankful that I have gained 31 wonderful followers! I hope you girls enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing it! You have been a great inspiration for me, from getting me to write more and get my reflections down, to reading more books and old fairytales!

I hope all of you girls will have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I will get back to preparing for my Thanksgiving trip! Hopefully it will be just as magical as I imagine!
See you on Monday!

Thank you to the wonderful Miss Lumpy/Aly for your blog, one of the many that inspired me as a Lolita, and to start a blog of my own. I am sure I am far from the only one that is sad to see you leave. Good luck in the future, wherever it will take you!

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