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Prints I'd Buy in a Heartbeat

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I've seen posts like these on multiple blogs I've been following, and have for a long time been dying to do a post where I could share my own "Dream Prints"! 
It's no secret that prints are the "It"-thing for Lolita fashion right now, but there are certain print themes that I feel have been unfairly overlooked, and that need to be made so they can end up in my closet right now!

Picture from Glogster.com
1. A Leonardo da Vinci-Print
A passion of mine that goes hand in hand with my love for Lolita fashion, is my passion for History, and especially this genius inventor! I would love to see a Renaissance-fashion style OP or JSK for this, and the skirt should be printed with sketches of Leonardo da Vinci's brilliant inventions and maybe some of his funny, quirky poetry, short stories or wordplays! I'm not sure which brand I would imagine making something like this, though. Maybe a cool Indie Brand could pull it off!

Picture from Wikipedia.org
2. A new "Beauty and the Beast"-Print
I know this has actually been done before (Beauty and the Rose Promise by AATP) but I wasn't that fond of the way they executed it. I'm imagining something more elaborate for this print, with beautiful illustrations of scenes from the story! A design a little more like a mixture of BTSSB's Snow Queen series and their Rapunzel-themed print. I'm dying to see how they would portray the beast!

Picture from Wikimedia.org
3. An "Interview with the Vampire"-Print
This is probably a lot less likely to happen than even my Leonardo da Vinci idea, but I would love and cherish this forever! I'm a huge fan of the "Interview with the Vampire"-book, and I feel like especially the 1900-century parts of the book, in New Orleans, has got many great scenes to offer a print. (
"The Vampire Lestat" would actually be just as good!) 
I imagine the dresses for this print to be very detailed and aristocratic, with gold buttons and jewels, a vest-like bodice and embroidery, or inspired by the doll-like, frilly dresses worn by Claudia! I could see Alice and the Pirates work magic with this idea! Oh, a girl can dream..

So, these would be my 3 most wished-for prints! Which prints would you love to see made, if you had your way?

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  1. These would be perfect prints. Especially Leonardo da Vinci print would be absolutly great!

    1. It would be so classic! If JetJ can do painting prints, of course sketch prints can be done as well! I think it could actually be pretty popular

  2. I would love to see a print inspired by IwtV! There are so many possibilities for that one!

    1. I know right! Lestat, Louis and Claudia walking the streets of 1900-century New Orleans, the burning of Lestat by Claudia and the burial in the swamp, and maybe Theatre des Vampires! There are so many good scenes to choose from!


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