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Shopping Service Review: Japonica Market!

This last week I used Japonica Market to make a purchase from Yahoo JP, and I thought I'd share my experience, because God knows how handy it is to be able to compare the quickest and easiest way to snatch up that dream dress when it finally shows up on the second hand market!
For me it was just a couple of smaller items for an Old School coordinate I'm building right now, alongside with my first handmade JSK! 
I can't wait to show it to you when it's finished!

Well, to get back on topic:

I made my order on the 13th of June, and it was confirmed and received on the 14th.
They made a request for a deposit of 1400 yen right away, which I gladly paid as soon as I saw it. On this day, I also decided to add another item to my order. This was no problem, and they made a request for another deposit and bid on my second item the next day.

Japonica Market was really good at keeping me up-to-date every time something happened in regards to my order. I received multiple status updates that let me know when the items had shipped, had arrived at their office, what the price was gonna be, etc, and they let me know that they'd be awaiting my confirmation that I wanted to pay for shipping.
I suppose that since they didn't invoice me right away, they actually let customers wait for a little while and are willing to hold the item for at least a small amount of time. That's good to know if an item you really want shows up, but you're missing just that tiny bit of money that you'll be receiving in 4 days, to pay for shipping.

Japonica Market was also nice enough to mark my package as a gift, which is nice. You have the option of having them mark down the value on the package, but that means you'll lose some of the insurance money, should your item get lost in the mail.

As a small extra detail (and I do like that little bit of special care), they let me know that my item had arrived, and told me in advance that I would be receiving a tracking number on monday. I really like how they seem to go that extra mile for the comfort of their customers.

The item was sent out, and arrived in Denmark safely. No fighting with customs or anything, but well, my items weren't that expensive. 

Considering that I only ordered a headbow and a bonnet, they were shipped in a pretty big box!
The items were wrapped in bubblewrap. 

Both of the accessories were also neatly packed in seperate plastic envelopes.

I really liked Japonica Market, and I give them 5 out of 5 spades ♤ for speed and communication!
However,  I've heard that there are cheaper options out there, so I'll check those out. If not, I'm sure I'll use Japonica Market again. I felt like my first experience with a japanese shopping service was in good hands.

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