søndag den 8. juni 2014

A Living Tourist Attraction

Hello everyone! Long time no talk!
I've been very busy lately as my exams are coming up. I've had to study the "history of Globalization" for hours on end, and I've had to really squeeze Lolita in from time to time (to now go completely crazy).
Yesterday was one of those hectic days. I read for a couple of hours, then I took the train (reading) to the International Lolita Day meet-up and then I went back home to read some more.

We met up at the train station, walked to the King's Garden to have our picnic and well.. It was an interesting experience.

The King's Garden is a public park area behind Rosenborg Castle, an old renaissance castle build by the king for his beloved, a couple of hundred years ago. It's my favorite danish castle so far (and my second favorite just behind Versailles, all in all). What I had forgotten to consider was that it's not just my favorite castle, perfect for a picnic- It is also a must-see for tourists from all kinds of different destinations in the summer. Tourists who are, in general, really bad at being considerate to other people's privacy and have left all their manners at home with their obligations.

We walked through the castle gates and around the castle to cross the bridge and get into the Garden, and from our first step, people began snapping away! We were more interesting than the building right behind us! It felt like being shot down by paparazzi!
And it didn't get much better when we'd sat down with our blankets and started chatting. People all around us were snapping pictures non-stop, sat down on our blankets next to us to have their friends take a picture of them sitting with us (without asking!). It felt like we had just stopped being living people to them!

So how did we deal with this?
We didn't.

We just continued enjoying our day. It was the very fewest of them who got into our personal space without asking. When they did, we felt it very rude and a little uncomfortable, and we probably should have said something to them, in retrospect, even if it was due to a difference in culture. But making a scene and throwing a fit at one tourist who took pictures of us from a distance without asking would not make the rest of them go away.

We just kept on having a good time, talking, drinking our tea, and it actually became a lively topic among us how strangers react to Lolita. What was going on around us was, after all, an example. When people were nice enough to come up and ask if they could have a picture, we had a good time! The cutest little shy girl wanted a picture with us because she thought we looked like princesses. Who would we be to say no to that?

We decided to move after a couple of hours to go to somewhere a little more private. 
If we had said or done something instead, maybe the people would have been more considerate the next time they saw someone interesting they wanted a picture off. But taking the time to educate every single paparazzi would have taken away all the time we could have spend having fun!

What would you have done in such a situation?  How did you celebrate ILD?

2 kommentarer :

  1. Oh my God this is just outrageous! I don't mind posing for pictures at all myself, but people definitely need to ASK! Why would you want a picture of someone in a pretty outfit if they just walk by, probably resulting into a blurry, moving picture anyway? I admire you for continuing to enjoy your day, I would have felt terribly annoyed! Sometimes I even turn away from a camera if someone just snaps away.
    I hope you had a fun day anyway! I myself studied mostly and dressed up for 15 minutes to take pictures, hahaha! XD

  2. Oh golly! I live in America, so I don't really have experience with the "this meetup place is also a popular tourist spot" ordeal, but that sounds awful! I'm glad y'all didn't let it ruin your fun, though. I was at an anime convention yesterday, so that's how I celebrated!


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