tirsdag den 6. maj 2014

I'm Participating in the Fan+Friend Design Contest!

Picture borrowed from FanplusFriend's Homepage
Hello, girls and guys!
Today I've got a very exciting announcement to make!

As some of you guys might know, Fan+Friend has kicked open the door to their Classic Lolita Design Contest
It's no news to anyone that Bodyline hosts contests like these from time to time, but it's the first time I've heard of Fan+Friend doing one.

Personally, I see Fan+Friend as the "Metamorphose Temps de Fille" of the offbrand world. They're well-known for doing riskier designs, taking chances and daring to be different. This means that Fan+Friend is a bit of a niche "brand". You either love what they do, or it's not your cup'a tea. Personally, I'm very excited, because it means that we, as participants in the design contest, have more free reins to take chances and do something unique! 
If you've got a design you've been dying to see realized, by all means, go ahead and enter! Be a trendsetter!

I took advantage of my job at the local history museum the other day, flipped through a couple of books on daily life in the renaissance, and entered a "Tudor" inspired design the other day in the "B" series, so keep an eye out for that! 
And let me know if you enter!

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  1. F+F used to have these pretty often! They might have just been slipping under the radar in recent years because when they were doing them a lot they generally weren't as good of a shop as they are now. I actually found this old post by one of the previous winners: http://egl.livejournal.com/9900044.html That was 7 years ago now though!

    1. Oh, interesting! Poor girl that she had such a bad experience. Her design was so cute, too!
      I have a feeling that they might be doing a tad better now, though. It seems they've heightened their standards quite a bit over the past years. I hope the winner this year will share her experience online.


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