fredag den 25. april 2014

LBC: A Lolita Coordinate Based on a Constellation

This week I'm back on the carousel of the Lolita blog carnival, and this time, we're taking a trip through space. Of course, that means we have to dress for the occasion, and me? I chose the constellation, "Cassiopeia", for my inspiration!

I decided to take a step back and read up on my greek mythology to learn the story of the constellation, before creating my coordinate.
 Apparently, Cassiopeia was the beautiful but vain mother of Andromeda, the wife of the hero Perseus. Cassiopeia was also the queen of Ethiopia, and because she bragged about how she thought herself more beautiful than the nereids, Ethiopia suffered the wrath of Poseidon and was destroyed by a sea serpent.
A fascinating story, I think. 
I decided to build my coordinate around the mythological figure: Cassiopeia, the beautiful but vain queen.

And this was the result!

I picked Alice and the Pirates' "Gather Chiffon" jumperskirt, to keep the centerpiece very recognizably Lolita, as I knew I'd go very, very far out the "Ancient Greece" tangent with the rest of my coordinate. That piece is one of the most iconic AATP dresses, I think, but it also has the gathered bodice and flowy-look that might lead you to think of a toga, a little bit.
Next, I decided to go all out on chunky, attention-grabbing gold accessories. The dress in itself is very detailed and opulent, but since it's just plain white, I think it can handle a little bit of "bling". This coordinate needs to be fit for a queen vain enough to destroy cities, after all!
But since we're talking a queen, I wanted to keep it mature and elegant. I added in the veil to cover up the shoulders in an elegant way, and if you want, it can be draped in a toga-like fashion.
I had a bit of a problem finding the perfect pair of shoes, as I think regular greek sandals would look a bit silly. In the end, I chose a pair of heels that had the look a little bit.

To top it all off, put your hair up in the braided, greek version of the "hime" hair do, and there you go! Ready to rule the world, 800 BC!

Which constellation would you honor, if you went on a picnic with "The Little Prince" among the stars?
You can find more inspiration below!

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  1. Wow, nice, very nice ! I found this LBC theme a little bit hard, but your coordination is beautiful, yet respecting the theme without being too cliché ! Good job ! :D


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