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LBC: Historically Inspired Coordinates

For this week's Lolita Blog Carnival the theme was to create a coordinate centered around the historical aspect of Lolita fashion. If you've done even the teensiest bit of research, you'd be able to recite the eras that inspired Lolita fashion if you got a crash course in your sleep. Rococo, the victorian era, the 50's..
My first thought was to do a Regency inspired coordinate, but well, I already did that back when we were all doe eyed with romance at Valentine's Day. So this week I'm diving into another era that I'm very fond off- The Tudors and the renaissance.  

For this coordinate what came to mind first, was brocade, and then Metamorphose's "Dim Light" print. I originally wanted to center my coordinate around a very simple brocade JSK, resembling the one that Jane Seymour was wearing for the portrait that I picked as my icon for this post, but I went with the Metamorphose JSK because of the simplicity of the cut, and the oppulence of the print. 
I wanted a very simple JSK with a square neckline, that would let me stack on the jewelry without getting overwhelmed! This coordinate is obviously very much about all the bling!
I chose a simple black blouse, but with giant sleeves, like the ones the royal ladies used to wear back in the day. I wanted something light, though, to make it a little less "heavy". I don't think a kneelength dress would be able to justify giant, heavy sleeves the way a floorlength gown would.

I decided to go on Etsy to find some Tudor-inspired jewels, and as you can see from the coordinate, I had plenty of luck!
I found some really interesting little artisans on there.

The huge gold and burgundy jewelled necklace is from After Dark, who also stocks a pair of matching earrings!
The beautiful girdle is from RecycledRockstah, and the Anne Boleyn pendant is from Moon Garden Designs.

I think that for this coordinate, I think you could keep your hair straight, or you could actually wear some good oldfashioned curls and bangs! Both could do.
Last but not least, I stumbled upon a pattern for the Tudor headdress from TheTudorTailor, so you could actually make your own! For this coordinate, I'd make a black one with red gemstones and white pearls.

That was it for this week, folks!
Want some more historical inspiration to inspire the nerdy Lolita in you?
Check out the links below!

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