torsdag den 6. marts 2014

LBC: Coordinates for a Themed Vacation!

This week's Lolita Blog Carnival theme was one that I found quite difficult- "A Themed Vacation"?! I've never heard of such a thing before! Themed parties, yes, but a vacation with a theme!?
I don't know if I quite caught the idea of it all, but I felt suddenly inspired as I sat there, grumbling to myself about what this "themed vacation"-deal might be all about.
The outfit below was the result!

I decided to name this outfit "Lolita with a Seoul"- My theme was modern korean fashion! This is what I thought a Lolita might wear while shopping in Hongdae, if she wanted to wear Lolita, but in an appropriate and fashionable way!  From what I've seen, most korean fashion tends to be very romantic and girly. Bows, lace, elegant shoes and pearls and cute fedoras tend to be very popular. This mixes very well with Lolita. I wanted to play up the lace part even more, and chose a pair of shoes that are neutral, and has a bit of a dolly look too. Long necklaces are popular in korean fashion, and I chose an oldfashioned pendant to incorporate an oldfashioned flair. A nudge towards Lolitas victorian roots, and pulls the lacey elements in the same direction. 

Now I'm looking forward to seeing, how the other girls understood this week's "assignment", and if I'm totally off-target.. I had fun, no matter what!

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